Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sarang Modern Korean Dining @ Science Park I

This was our lunch yesterday. The day before, we saw this place being reviewed in the newspaper. We realised that it's very near our office, so colleagues and I decided to go try it out.

It's at Science Park I, if you know where's Khansama, it's just beside it.

The place is done up very nicely. Dim lights (arrghh...bad for photography), sleek and chic modern designs for the deco.

Sarang - Modern Korean Dining

So, here's the food we had:
They are all set meals (except the shared item) which came with side dishes.

This is the Jeyuk Dolsot Bibimbap $15.
We saw the spicy pork slices and we were salivating. (It was the triple layered pork!)

Jeyuk Dolsot Bibimbap

The set meal viewed from the top. 4 side dishes for each set. (This one shows the sauce for the bibimbap) They all look almost similar, so will show only once here.

Jeyuk Dolsot Bibimbap

This is Sarang Dolsot Bibimbap. $15.
No one ate this. Why? Because no one ordered it! They put it in front of me, but realised that they got my order wrong! So I had to wait all over again for my order. The consolation, I got to take a photo of this dish.

This is one of the meat-less dish. The egg yolk in the middle must of a quail's egg, as it is so small and cute!

Sarang Dolsot Bibimbap

3 colleagues ordered this. Dwaeji Bokeum. $15
This stir fried pork dish with kimchi looks very nice!

Dwaeji Bokeum

Another colleague had the Kimchi Kalguksu $15.
It's knife-shaven noodle with sauteed aged kimchi. (Korean version of dao xiao mian? ;-) )

Kimchi Kalguksu

The following 3 photos are the shared dishes we ordered.

Gunmandu $12 (7 pieces)
It's pan fried dumplings stuffed with vegetables and meat.


This is how it looks after I took a bite.
Inside there's korean rice vermicelli which gives it a nice texture.


The other shared dish, Bulgogi Tteokboki $15
It's korean rice cakes that's really chewy and spicy with Beef Bulgogi on top.
Lovely lovely dish if you love rice cakes.

Bulgogi Tteokboki

My order finally arrived.
It's Sarang Gimbap $15.
It's steamed rice and beef bulgogi rolled in dried seaweed. In other words, sushi roll.
It's sushi roll that has rice without vinegar. It's quite nice. (and very filling too)

Sarang Gimbap

Here's the side dishes that came with the set lunch.

The nicely arranged kimchi. (It would be nice if they gave more)


Soy marinated lotus root slices. Very nice!

Sliced Lotus Marinated with Soy

Egg omelette that's soft in the inside. Nice :-)


The korean miso soup. It has cut fresh chilli rings, cucumber, etc.
It's a bit different from the normal Japanese miso soup. We all liked it as it taste rather good.

Korean Miso Soup

The set meals ended with a fruit.
A very nicely cut orange. Half an orange, with skin removed and cut into 4 pieces which makes it so easy to eat!

Dessert: Orange so nicely cut up

One thing we noticed that all the ceramic bowls and plates were heated up. The food stays warm longer and the food does not get temperate shock after being transfered to the serving dishes.

We ordered drinks too. The drinks photos came out real bad because of the dim lights. (Thus they are not posted here) One colleague had Sikhye - Home made sweet Korean rice beverage, and the rest of us had SuJeongGwa - a traditional cold persimmon beverage. The SujeongGwa really really sweet!

The total bill plus taxes etc is $189.50.
Seven of us, so each one paid $27 for quite a delightful Korean meal.

Sarang - Modern Korean Dining
#02-02, Science Hub
Science Park 1
87 Science Park Drive
Singapore 118260

Tel: 6773 0453
Web: (their website takes forever to load :-))

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Lunch is Served! said...

Wah... another new place in Buona Vista to try!

Anonymous said...

you hardly try any korean rice cakes at korean restaurants?any recommendations for really nice ones? my bf LOVES it!

Keropok Man said...

Yes, and near your office too!

I am not a fan of it, but when my sis orders it, I will try it. She loves korean rice cakes.

I remember the Crystal Jade's Korean restaurants serve quite nice ones.

Camemberu said...

Hey the boss for Sarang is also the same one who opened Gusttimo at ION. I'm thinking of trying Sarang too.

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