Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dinner at Aunt's

This is another of the CNY dinner at Uncle's place where Aunt cooked for us again. With their daughter, it's 7 of us cousins and one grand nephew enjoying ourselves eating and chatting.

We are Hokkiens, and we were thinking, what is the youngest boy suppose to call the oldest in the house in Hokkien? The youngest that night calls the two oldest "Gor Chek Gong" and "Gor Chim Mah". Sounds so old right?

Anyway, we "lou yu sheng" again. It's one of those DIY packs from the supermarket.
Aunt can't get any sashimi grade salmon, so she used abalone instead.

Abalone for Yu Sheng

The Yu Sheng arrangement looks good? Maybe it's because Yours Truly arranged it. ;-p

It's really easy to prepare this at home like we did.
You buy a pack of the Yu Sheng package from the supermarket. Then buy the pre shredded veggies. (by the way, pre-shredded veggies cost $2, it's so much convenient to buy these than to hurt your hands shredding them. We learnt our lessons from previous tries)

We added a pack of jelly fish and also half a peeled pomelo.

Yu Sheng

This is the finish product just before tossing.
Uncle was the one saying the 'blessing' phrases and pouring the stuff over.

Yu Sheng

Other stuff that we ate:
Aunt's version of Babi Ponteh. We all love this. ;-)

Babi Ponteh

This is Satay Beef. Aunt's has a friend who passed her some satay sauce made by her factory. She marinated the beef with 'kunyit' (turmeric) and the usual spices and then fry with the satay sauce. It turns out very nice.

Satay Beef

This is the Sambal prawns and mini sotong.

Every decent kitchen should have a bottle of good home made sambal. Cooking dishes like this would be so easy. This is super 'pedas' and tasty.

Sambal Sotong

We still had the 'bak kerng' rolls that our cousin made. ;-)
This time cut into small pieces and deep fried.

Fried Bak Kerng

I was too busy eating and chatting, I think I forgot to take photos of the veggies!
(Oh, Yu Sheng's a salad, so that counts right?)

Here's wishing you all 心想事成 xin xiang shi cheng. (Desires of your heart be granted)

Quoting from Psalm 37:4
"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmm...Great food and warm family.
What else could u ask for in life? Lucky...

zu said...

Good makan... Great foods..

Anonymous said...

Oh your aunt for hire? She cooks such lovely meals! :-)

Keropok Man said...

yeah, feeling very Blessed ;-)


anon 2,
haha.. no, don't think she has the time. ;-)

cat_aunty said...

Oh that the same talented aunt?

Dutchie said...

When did the lo hei became a trend ? I lived in Sg for 24yrs of my life n my dearest mom serves great steamboat every year at the Reunion Dinner (plus 9 other courses, all cooked by herself !).
I always thought it's dialect related - this lo hei tossing for luck !

Now that I'm living in Europe, I can only salivate at ur yum pix n sigh bec no way could I make anything nice in this land of barren taste buds n limited ingredients *sob*

Adopt me can ? *wink, wink* *LOL*

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm jus wondering what camera r u using? The pictures u took r so so nice...

Life for Beginners said...

Okay, I title this the Yee Sang of All Yee Sangs... such a luxury with the abalone... drools!

Keropok Man said...


yes, the same one.


it has always been popular. i think much more these few years. your mom must be a really good cook too. you should learn from her.

not sure which part of Europe you are in, but if you are in the UK, I think you can get lots of oriental stuff there. my bro and sis says it is not too difficult to get the things, but a bit pricy that's all.

A Sony T200

it was bao yu sheng instead of yu sheng. :-)

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