Saturday, February 14, 2009

V Day Breakfast and Supper

V Day. While everyone sleeps in, we don't have the luxury. Momo and I (and 30 over other friends), we have a weekly early morning Bible Study training on Saturday mornings.

So, we can only have a short 20 min breakfast. This is what we had:

Nishiki Rice topped with Salmon Mix and Furikake.
Topped with some spring onions and Japanese cucumber.

Jap Rice with Salmon Mix sprinkled with Furikake and spring onions.

This is cold tofu also sprinkled with Furikake.
Haha. you can see that we love Furikake. It's so tasty and addictive. (yes, MSG. LOL..)

Cold Tofu with Furikake

There was to be other things to be cooked, but can't do so many things and we are running late, so the rest of the stuff we ate it for tea. LOL..

This is prime ribs and seaweed soup that's boiled for 7 hours.

Mum cooked this for us all the time when we were young. It was only when Korean dramas became a rage that we realise that Koreans drink this too. Same same, only difference is that we drink it all the time, but Koreans (on TV dramas) seem to only have it for birthdays.

Boiled overnight you asked? Sort of. It was cooking in its own heat for 7 hours in a thermal pot. ;-)

Prime Rib and Seaweed Soup

After the evening activites with friends (BBQ) were over, we continued to have our supper/dessert at home.

I made breakfast, so Momo brought supper. A dark chocolate cake from Bakerzin.

Heart Shape Cake from Bakerzin

We can't possibly eat the whole cake right? Sis and Bro will be sharing calories with us.
Now.... how to cut it equally in 4 pieces and yet preserve the heart shape?

Slice it sideways! This way, every slice of cake still has the heart shape.

How to not break the heart. LOL

One thing about slicing the cake this way, the top piece is super chocolatey and sweet.

The top layer is super sweet!

Happy V Day to all...

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backStreetGluttons said...

happy V too, tho you haven't shown any of your beautiful warm loves yet

ice said...

Super chocolatey and sweet? pass it over! :)

Happy belated Valentine's!

Fen said...

Interesting way to cut a cake... The chocolate cake looks so moist... The dark chocolate stir my cake craving already... So glossy and yummy-licious...

Happy belated Valentine :D

ladyironchef said...

wow wow! so romantic, make your own breakfast. haha. and yes, very good way of cutting the cake without spoiling the shape :D

Anonymous said...

Wah! Would love to meet both of you. Seems like Keropokman and Momo quite a compatible pair :-)

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