Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Buddy Hoagies @ Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

I had arranged with sis to meet at Spice Peranakan to have some nyonya food and then to get some feet rugs for our home, after dinner next door at Beauty World. (I think the top floor of Beauty World is the cheapest place you can get nice rugs for your home. 5 pieces for $10!)

When we got there, we realised Spice Peranakan is closed today. We also saw a note that they will be moving away too! The notice says their last day at Bukit Timah SC will be on the 10th May and they will be moving to 20 Biopolis Way. It's moving to a bigger place!

(But I wonder if they know that all the restaurants at Biopolis and Fusionopolis do not have people going in at night!)

Since it's closed we walked a few shops away to Buddy Hoagies. It's been a long time since we came here too. We saw the dinner specials and we just ordered it.

Dinner Specials @ Buddy Hoagies

Sis had the mushroom soup. She liked it.

Mushroom Soup

I had the minestrone soup. Quite tasty and thick.


This is just simple bread, but it's quite tasty. Crispy outside and very soft inside.

Garlic Bread

Sis had the baked fish.

Baked Fish

Sis said she like the baked potato. Nice and hot with a scoop of butter that melts away in about a minute and a half.

Baked Potato with butter

I had the Chicken Tips. I asked what are chicken tips?
It's chicken strips that has been cut into pieces and sauteed with mushrooms.
I think it's not too bad. I like mushrooms!

Chicken Tips

My baked potato. ;-)

Baked Potato with butter

OK, for those who asked for the prices, I managed to take a photo of the receipt before I threw it away this time. ;-)


Was quite surprised that on a Tuesday night, this place is more than half occupied.

Buddy Hoagies
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
Singapore 588179

Tel: 6466 1505

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Dutchie said...

Outside the chop shop they state that the price is S$ 10,90 nett ... then they charged u 7% GST on the bill !!

The moderate portions r just right when one needs to be on a happy diet .. like me - haha.

Unknown said...

GST is included in the $10.90 ;-)

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