Friday, March 16, 2007

Birthday Cake - Angie The Choice

This was taken some time ago. One day before a meeting, a few of asked the birthday girls to quickly come for a discussion. Well, it's a surprise and super quick celebration for the 2 of them.

Here's the cake. It was very very very chocolately and fluffy and so so delicious.
The cake's from Angie the Choice.

The whole cake in its full glory.

A look at the inside of the cake. Feel like tasting it? Mua ha ha ha....

This is simply lickalicious! The chocolate outer layer of the cake.

Happy Birthday to Jennifer and Adeline again!

For your convenience, I have included a google search box here. If you are interested to look for this cake shop, enter "Angie The Choice" in the search box and do a google search.

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tigerfish said...

Only tried those durian and mango crepes/rolls from Angie. Thought they should not do the "swirl" for that choc cake (1st pix)...errr...looks like...
But the inside save everything ;p
Is this one of those "chocolate lava -type of cake"?

Shilpa. said...

Tiger, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Keropok, sorry to say this, but the cake in the first picture sure looks like... s**t, haha!! Sorry!! But I'm sure it tasted nothing like it! ;-)

Keropok Man said...

come to think of it after you all mention it. Hmm..

next time u all come back, wanna go eat them together? LOL....

zhengning said...

Wow wow wow, Chocolate goodness!

Anonymous said...

wah...i thot it was the top of a bin or something, like shi_e, you know wot I mean? Anyway, looks better on the inside and I am sure it taste better than it looks.

Wokking Mum said...

I thot it looked like **** too!
I use to by the durian crepe for my Japanese boss. He loves it! And I got him a Durian Cake for his birthday. He said it was very good. Can try that next time. I dont eat durian cake so I wont know how good it is. ;p

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