Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao: Holland Village

This was actually taken about 1 month ago. 4 of us went to La Mian Xiao Long Bao to have dinner. Here's what we ordered.

I have ordered this before, but the friend of ours said we should. It's nice and I tell super potently spicy! It's Wantons in spicy chilli oil.

I will never get sick of eating this. Deep fried Eel. Yummmmmmeeeee.

Another of my favourites. I think you might seen this countless times. Long Beans and minced meat.

This is white pork and its absolutely yummy!

What's coming to a Xiao Long Bao shop without eating Xiao Long Bao? Here goes...

This is red bean pancake. We ordered this for dessert. Just look at the red bean oozing out!


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GT said...

Oooo, that wonton in spicy broth looks...spicy!! But good. In fact, everything you post looks good! Great pics. Keep 'em coming.

tigerfish said...

The wontons are sure spicy. It's soaked in chilli oil. :O
Which xiao long bao better ? This or Din Tai Fung ?

Keropok Man said...

gt, its very choking if you try to swallow it up. someone in our group was coughing until tears came out. but its really good...

hmmm. i like both! haha... But I usually prefers crystal jade's :-P

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