Monday, March 12, 2007

Keng Eng Kee Seafood @ Alexandra Village (Part 2)

Many people who come here order the Hor Fun. Just peep around the tables. haha.. It's actually quite good. It has the burnt wok taste, just a hint to make it smells and taste so good.

This is sambal cuttlefish and kangkong. Delicious oh...

This is one of the 'signboard' dishes (jiao pai cai). It's Marmite Chicken. Kids love this! So do I!

If you are a pork lover, try their sweeet and sour pork. I think I still prefer Marmite Chicken :-p

Well, we have 4 more dishes, wait till you see the price tomorrow, am sure you will dash there!

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ping said...

You got the address wrong in your previous post. It's Blk 124, it's visible in your first picture :)

I've never eaten zhi char at this coffee shop before (I should check it out soon!), but if you were to go during the lunch, you will see lots of folks queueing up at the fish beehoon stall at the other corner of the coffee shop. I used to eat there regularly when I was working in the area. One of the hidden food gems in the area. They open only for lunch and believe it or not, sell out by about 1pm.

Keropok Man said...

oops. haha.. I was looking at the picture when I typed, but guess fingers and brains dont work at weird hours. LOL

thanks, corrected it.

yea, Alexandra Village has lots of good food. Soon Kueh at the corner too!

tigerfish said...

Killing me liow!

team BSG said...

da marmite chicken sure not available in KL, only got marmite crabs ! u Spore ppl r spoilt lah !

Melting Wok said...

haven't had marmite of anything yet, its v/popular in SG and MY now eh, wahh..wat tan ying yang, u n tt bsg killing me softly have to bring out the kankung cuttlefish :PP

Keropok Man said...

tiger, kill you meh? haha... quick make another trip back to sg.

bsg, look harder, i think KL food haven sure got one lah. marmite crabs sure sounds good!

melting wok, i like kangkong, but not so much of cuttlefish, i weird hor...

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