Sunday, March 25, 2007

Keng Eng Kee Seafood @ Alexandra Village (Series 2)

Our cousin from UK came over, so we went to this place to try out the other food here. It's the Kek Eng Kee Seafood place again, but this time we sat at the aircon place.

The 'cold plate'. It is quite interesting, the combi for this one. Starting from the right is the spicy squid. It's not the normal reddish jap kind. But dark soyish colour. There's meat balls made from diff combi of meat, in the middle, eggs with taugeh, and behind deep fried tauhu pok.

This is how the tau hoo pok looks close up. There's veg, ham, fake crab etc, all inside a piece of big big tau pok and deep fried with batter.

The scary fish yesterday. The scarier it is, the tastier it is? hahaha...

This is actually dark san lou hor fun. Usually it is whitish right? This one is dark and comes with 2 raw eggs on top. You mix it up, it taste so so good.

Guess what other things we ate? :-P

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almondjelly said...

it's been 1+ mth i've read yr makan blog.. ! wow!! u've been eating and eating at so many places yoy.. me so envy .. wonder when can i sit down to enjoy a meal outside ........ "envy die me le" .... but though won't be able to savour for the time being, reading yr blog also makes me feel full liao lor ... >_O

NYC Modelista said...
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Ming_the_Merciless said...

Looks like a fancy "tau gay kiuh tiaw". It looks absolutely delicious.

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