Thursday, March 08, 2007

Peperoni Pizza: Greenwood Avenue, Part 2

We also ordered lots of pizza. We had the option of having half half. So we just ordered many combination of halves.

I have no idea what they are. But you can play a game and guess what they are. :-)

Here's part of the menu that has the pizza. Just play mix and match ya..
If you are wondering how big and the price, it's also listed in the menu here.

Bon Appetit!

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Goonie said...

Wah...prices are insane/rip-off! Pizza hut are selling pizzas for 6 bucks here and that's a large pizza. La Porchetta sells medium pizzas for 7 dollars!! Cannot believe it lah......Do they sprinkle gold dust as a topping??!!!

tigerfish said...

Except for the 3rd pix(cheese pizza), can call all the others ham pizza coz every pizza I see got ham! LOl! ;p

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Hmm, I see shitake mushrooms, ham & pineapples, sausages, artichokes, olives and Canadian ham. They look good!!

I like super thin crust pizzas. Not a fan of thick doughy pizzas.

eastcoastlife said...

Your pics of the food are so bloody good! I almost lick the monitor! Damn, why can't my digital camera produce such pics? Can I potong your pics and upload on my blog? hehe.....

Keropok Man said...

goonie, haha.. its a bit ex, but taste is quite ok lah... but i dont really fancy their pizzas, neither do i like pizza huts LOL.

tigerfish, you're a joker!

ming, you are a pizza fan eh?

eastcoastlife, sure take the photos, but let people know where you take it from ok? :-P

eastcoastlife said...

whoa thanks keropok man!
sure will credit you wan la! 放心 放心 !

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