Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ban Tong Seafood @ Ghim Moh Blk 11

For Sunday family makan nites, we sometimes comes here. It's the Coffee Shop at the end of Block 11. The coffeeshop used to be call Elijah, but now it's changed to name we don't know. So we still call this place Elijah.

Never took note of the name of the shop until I thought, why not post the photos up. It's called Ban Tong Seafood.

People usually call this when they are here. Cereal Crayfish or usually we call it Mai Pian Hay Poh. It's really yummy you know, eating crayfish without needing to peel the shells off!

Tonight's Sweet Potato leaves (fan su ye) look a bit different, but it still taste as good.

We always order familiar food right? So, this dish usually appears on our table too. Tofu on Hot plate.

This is the fish that we usually order too. Spicy spicy Nyonya style curry fish.

Happy Weekend!

Feb 2011 Update:
Their new location is at: Blk 378, Clementi Ave 5 (beside the Clementi Police Station)

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tsl said...

the cereal crayfish looks very yummy!!

PinkHippo said...

I like most things in cereal form, like prawns, sotong and now crayfish ... yummy.

Anonymous said...

All the dishes look absolutely fabulous!! I would have loved the tofu and fish.

Anonymous said...

My fren just introduced me to your website to check out Ricciotti.

U know what? I just had lunch and I ate exactly the SAME ITEMS at Ban Tong as you with my colleagues!!! It's so freakily coincidental... hahaha...

Unknown said...

Anyone know the name of the coffee shop after Elijah?

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