Friday, September 07, 2007

Sushi Tei @ Holland Village

By now you know, my colleagues and I, will find any occasion to go makan and celebrate anything. Of course with someone's birthday, sure got reason to eat.

We went 'yet' again to Sushi Tei. Not going to show those little plates from the conveyor belt thingy, too many already in this blog. Here are the extra ones we ordered.

Colleagues taste for food has kind of blended. We all seem to like same food nowadays. Here's the Unagi Kabayaki.

We also had meat gyoza. Very crisp on the outer side right?

We had assortment of sashimi.

One had soft shell crab handroll.

We had this Sukiyaki too. It's very salty and we love it! haha...

No, not wagyu, but we put these into the pot of boiling soup.

Quite a lot of stuff inside ya.

Hey, this Ika Sugatayaki is very delicious. Yum...

We also shared a Salmon Cha Soba.

OK. Enough photos of it.

On yes, one way to get discount here is to apply for the Sushi Tei JCB card. It comes with coupons and birthday discounts, our initial bill is suppose to be $155, but after disc etc, we only ended up paying $88! Good deal eh?

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Ming_the_Merciless said...

My aunt & uncle live right across the Cold Storage store at Holland Village so when I was there this summer, we ate at the Chinese restaurant at the corner (2nd floor, but the restaurant has a branch at Takashimaya). Then a friend took me to the English tea & sandwich place in Holland Village too.

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