Monday, September 03, 2007

Jia Xiang Kuching Kolo Mee @ VivoCity

I don't know why, but tonite I ended up at Vivocity to have dinner. haha.. Sis said go somewhere not so ex lah. We were heading to the food court, but before got there, we just stopped in front of Jia Xiang. (which is just before the food court, we saw empty seats and our tired legs just stopped!)

Sis said she did not try it before, I said not exactly the same as we ate in Kuching you know. She said "Never mind lah, I want to eat."

We took the $6 bowl. Here it is.

It comes with a bowl of soup with 2 prawns and a few wontons.

Talk about Sarawak Kolo Mee, which one in Kuching do you think is the best? Let's hear from some Kuching pple if you visit here. hehe..

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snoopy said...

During my last trip to kuching,
I remember the local tour guide fetch
us to a coffee Shop(4gotthe shop name) located at Lebuh Sekma for the
kolok mee.Not bad lah...i like the taste of black source with the fried small onion bits.
I think Kolok Mee is every where at most of the chinese coffee shop/eatery at kuching...

Jun said...

ooh i did read bout this place in the spore papers. apparently they import the base or stock or noodles (can't remember which) from kuching rite? $6 is a bit ex for spore standards, isn't it?

pinkhippo said...

Yes, I totally agree that it is a bit expensive. It may taste good but not really worth paying this amount.

tigerfish said...

Meepok tar + wonton noodles? LOL!
Never tried before though I heard that kolo mee is what we know as bark chor mee over in singapore. dunno if it's true.

Grace said...

The best kolo mee in kuching would be at Sekama. This stall only opens after 1pm and I cant remember the name of the kopitiam.

fatguy.talkgold said...

Now you can find easily & eat kolo mee in JB.This stall belong to Tauke from kuching & very famous because they use 100% indregent import from kuching.

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