Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yi Bao @ Holland Village (Previously Yee Cheong Yuen)

On Thursday arvo, colleague smsed, want to come HV for lunch? We said OK, since it's quite near and we can have our food cum meeting. (I can hear you say, yeah right..)

Anyway, we went to this shop that we have not had for a long time, realize that the name has changed too. What used to be Yee Cheong Yuen is now call Yi Bao. (I think same owners etc, coz the receipt still has the old name)

If you been there before, we had to queue and order at the counter top. Now, it's Crystal Jade style, with the piece of menu that acts as a table mat.

We were wondering to order individual portions or share the dishes, we being the gluttons, wanted to try everything, so order the dishes to share.

The Kailan we ordered. $5

The bean sprouts. $5

Beef Brisket (and we realize it has kailan as well) $5

We like this. Cold cold white skin chicken. The coldness makes it taste so good!
Half a chicken - $12

And each of us had a plate of hor fun. (yes with more kailan! haha..) $1.80

We also had a shui jiao tang, photo did not come out great, so not posting it. $4

31 Lorong Siput, Singapore 277742
It's opposite Provence.

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Eileen. 静 said...

the food looks yummy!

and the hor fun is only 1.80!?! plain rite? with veggie?

looks tempting :)

The Cooking Ninja said...

wah the hor fun looks so good. Makes me hungry for it.

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