Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mooncakes from : Li Bai (Sheraton) & Ritz-Carlton

Here are the other boxes that we got from vendors.

This one from Ritz Carlton.

Looks a bit dry right? Wonder vendor gave us fresh ones. haha...

The office had a favourite. We all voted this to be the best.
Sheraton's Li Bai has the one that suit our taste.

Nice box too.

The only box that we finish most of it.

Wishing all "Zhong Chiu Jie Kuai Le".

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eastcoastlife said...

Have been eating lots of mooncakes too. Unhealthy.

teckiee said...

mooncakes are so expensive in Singapore.... my aunt came to KL for a visit.. and bought 8 boxes back.

Keropok Man said...


once a year, ok lah :-)


KL mooncakes are nice too ya. I know people bring back loads! haha...

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Never really liked mooncakes as a kid so I'm not missing it at all.

The mooncake from Ritz Carlton looks nice.

Jun said...

heard that NUS canteen or something has yoghurt mooncakes this yr? tried any? :)

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