Saturday, September 15, 2007

Food Bloggers Dinner 2007 @ La Papillon

This post is 15 days late! It was eaten on the 1 Sept 07.

It was the Food Bloggers' Dinner 2007, and it was very interesting! You get to taste good food and meet people you know by their blog names haha...

The event this year was organised by Joone.
If you know me, I don't write long essays. If you want full description and ratings on how the food is, visit these blogs from fellow Singapore Food Bloggers. They have better writing skills and better photo skills with excellent cameras too.

Joone || Hungry Cow || Ivan || Mia || Cheryl - The Baker || Shunman || Kelvin || Chocolate Reindeer

See if you spot them below....
We had a few tables. This one is the 2 tables at the other side.

Friend and I sat at this table. A long long table...

Fanciful butter and multigrain bun just before we start.....

Next was this watermelon with feta cheese & basil.

The menu..... I will be posting the food pictures according to the menu.

The cold appetiser.

Soup. (made with Fiji Water, who is one of the sponsors)

The Hot Appetiser.
I just have to say this. I saw arugula salad. But it came more like arugula leaf! haha..

Continue on the next post.....

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Rasa Malaysia said...

Wah, everything looks so high class and good.

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