Saturday, September 08, 2007

Inagiku @ Raffles The Plaza Hotel

It's a makan weekend really. Guess this might be the most expensive Jap food I have eaten. A friend and I, we went to Inagiku coz we read it from Only Slightly Pretentious Food that its good.

Also, Chocolate Reindeer's husband whom we met at a Flogger meet, whom we also met says we got to try it. Leslie of IeatIshootIpost, whom we also met said that it was good too, but it was on someone's expense account. haha...

We arrived got seated and Err, not sure what to order, we just took the Set Dinner, it has everything to try right? We took the Edomae Tempura Set. Hmmm come to think about it, we were sitting at the Sushi bar, we should be ordering stuff from there right? But too late, next time maybe. How would we know? We were given the menu and so we ordered lah.

The appetizer arrived. Don't ask me the names of these, I was too distracted by the chef preparing such artful pieces for a couple a few seats away. It was just so entertaining just watching the chef prepare food.

This appetizer was some cold fish and its top with seaweed and onions etc that was very good!

Then came the sashimi set. I like the prawns best! Hard to describe, but it was just delicious, all of it! Hey it even comes with a small chrysanthemum! We had this question, why was this not served to us from the sushi bar counter where we were sitting, but it was carried in by the waitress. Hmm..... because we ordered the set so it is prepared in another kitchen? haha...

Then the tempura set is next. Prawns were good!

Now, this is interesting right? A teapot. Is tea the next dish? No.
It's actually soup! The top part of the teapot is a cup overturned.

The soup had prawns and mushroom. Here's a peek for you.

2nd dish of tempura was next. I think I can never fry tempura this well.
Those are fish behind. Good..

Next a bowl was placed in front of us. What is it?

It comes with this little bowl of very fine pickled seaweed.

Take the top off the bowl. More tempura stuff. Prawns and etc again. I like this!

The last dish was dessert and it is Musk melon. It was really very sweet.

I was playing around with this magnifying glass function of my camera, now you want to try this melon? Juicy eh?

OK. That was it. Nice meal.

If, we were to go there again, we will know what to order. haha.. We saw what others ordered while sitting at the sushi bar, and not set meals like us. Theirs was absolutely delicious looking! They all seem to know the chef and they could just order off their heads. Hmm...

The set was $160. If you used the Feed at Raffles card like we did, you can get 50% off for food. So, we had $160 off, and it was $193 after tea and the various taxes.

Tempted? Go try lah.

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Eileen. 静 said...

argh!~ your pics made me crave for jap food...

tigerfish said...

Not tempted by the price.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

That's a LOT of money for sushi. But I guess, you're paying for ambiance and class there. :-)

My aunt in Singapore keeps telling me about the Peking duck at Mandarin Hotel Singapore. I think she was hinting I should take her there. :-)

Chubbypanda said...

You're right. The sashimi prawns good the best.

team bsg said...

you are hereby awarded
bsg's best food blog pixs
Malaysia ( incl Spore ) 2007

congratulations !

Keropok Man said...

team bsg,

wow, i am honoured! :-)

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