Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ja Jang Myeon @ Manna Korea, Takashimaya Food Village

Today, Sunday night is the last episode of the Korean Drama Series, Couple or Trouble (환상의 커플) also known as Fantasy Couple. Sis was sobbing away tonight as we were watching it. (It is shown on Starhub Cable, Channel 55, 10.30 pm, I am sure you can find the repeats timing on their website)

One thing about this show that made us very very hungry is the Ja Jang Myeon (Za Jiang Mien in Chinese). Every time Luo Shangshi orders and eats it, it makes us want to eat it too, especially the slurping sounds and the greedy looks on her face and the mess too!

When I told my sis, I 'buay tahan' go and eat it a few ago, she 'ooiii!' me, said never bring here to eat. You want to die ah... haha...

OK, this pic does not make it absolutely must eat. I think there are better ones out there too, maybe a visit to Korea!

It comes with some kimchi cabbage & cucumber.

It's a bit steep, but sometimes, when you die die want to eat it, you die die have to pay!

By the way, I think there's another fellow Singapore blogger who is a fan of Korean Sob series like my sis (ok ok like me too)! The Baker Who Cooks solves her craving by making the dish herself! View her recipe here.

Are you:
- having food cravings due to watching korean tv series?
- a korean tv fan too?

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Eileen. 静 said...

argh! yes..i love to see the way she eats the noodles! now u make me wanna eat it too..

i think i sobbed too while watching the drama. but luckily it was a happy ending :)

tigerfish said...

I watched a korean series (I bet it's a repeat in S'pore-cooks or lovers in Venice or something like that...I forgot the title!) and the couple's Ja Jang Myeon hangout is sometimes the backdrop for stories too. I don't like Sob series. I prefer smile series such as Full House, Samsoon etc :P

CT said...

oh yeah. I sure am. Even the disgusting black-bean noodles with yellow radish becomes tempting after a while. dun even mention the claypot soups & stews.

but being a malay-muslim it's not easy to find decent halal korean food aside from Zingdo.


Dihjet said...

Okay so I'm watching the show now in NYC and I don't know the ending yet - though I did see OVERBOARD with Goldie Hawn and so I figure I know the ending.

And YES - I've eaten so many noodles since watching the show. It's better than a commercial.

So here's my question: What kind of bean paste sauce exactly do I get? I live near Chinatown in NY and can get anything there. But recipes online don't tell you
exactly what black bean sauce is.

Is it bean paste? It's not Miso, that I know.
Any help????

Thanks - whatever I did tonight to "create" it didn't happen.

Much appreciated.


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