Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mooncakes and Pig baskets

What are these? These are pigs in basket. (猪笼) The cantonese calls it "jyu zai peng"

One colleague brought this to the office, so we had a 10 min break in the afternoon again when every's energy level is at the lowest. With the calorie boost, we were up again! haha..

These piglets stuff are usually available together with mooncakes. (If you have noticed in this blog, yes, the mooncake season is here again....) It is said that these piglets biscuits were created in the early days because of the leftover dough from making the mooncakes.

I guess many people are happy because of this innovative creation. Two of my colleagues love these more than mooncakes. I think I prefer mooncakes.

They are just dough, no fillings in them. Some make them dry, some more moist. It is up to your preference. While we were eating them, everyone commented on their favourites and how these stuff used to be free when you bought mooncakes. That bunch above, it cost $8.80 nowadays.

Oink oink!

A colleague who posed with the piggy to replace his head. He is one of the best brains around that deals with core Unix stuff.

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The Cooking Ninja said...

They were very cheap in the past like 20 cents each or something like that. My grandparents used to buy us these when we were little and the piglets are really small in those days and they are so so cute and delicious.

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