Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ice3 (Ice Cube) @ Serangoon Gardens

After the big meal the other day at Ming Kee, we think we are cows and have different stomachs! We always have space reserved for drinks and desserts.

We made our way to Serangoon Gardens. The 'di dou sher' (local head snake, ie, pple staying there) said there's this place to go called Ice3 (ice cube). Game! Let's go...

The people there were quite helpful and arranged a long huge table that can fit so so so many of us. Thanks Ice3 staff.

How it looks outside.

You know, I usually dont post faces of my makan kakis, unless it is blurred or taken from the back like this. haha... The place looks cosy ya.

We started ordering and desserts came. Ice cream with waffles.

We have a NLB librarian amongst us. She just systematically cut up all the cubes to make it easier for us all to share! (hmm i am wondering.. the prev pic did not have a cherry, where did this one come from??)

This is called "make own crepe with nuts and toppings".

This is the Hawaii-5-0

This is quite famous here. The Mud Pie! Oh so yummy... It's called "Eyes Wide Open".

The more choc and oreo ice cream! It's called "Volcanic Eruption".

We also this which is called "Ring of Fire". Cool eh? I tell you, all of us devoured this ring so quickly. See all the different flavours? Any ice cream fan will love this!

We also had other drinks and common things, so not posting them up here.

Something I realise is that you noticed the ice cream is served not melted? Some places we go to the ice cream is already partially melted which really irritates!

11 Kensington Park Rd,
Serangoon Gardens Estate
Singapore 557263

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xinyun said...

darn, tempted to have icecream now...

anyway, Ice3's bailey mudpie is pretty nice too :)

teckiee said...


The Frog Prince said...

Went there last saturday evening! All because of your pictures! So tempting from the look. :)

Keropok Man said...

xinyun, it's tempting right? Got Bailey mudpie ah? Aiyo, why friends did not order!!?!!

Usually I follow pple only, they order, while I take photo. :-p

but not from Sumatra...

froggy, so did u enjoy it? haha..

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