Monday, September 17, 2007

Porridge @ Beauty World Centre

This could possibly be the cheapest place to have porridge. Our family visit this place when we want to have cheap and quick food. We ate here on Sunday after church, which is nearby.

This old couple cooks food that is very grandparents time. Very simple and yet it brings you the comfort food feeling. You might also think they are still selling food at the prices of their era.

Zai Ye Shu Shi is located at the food court that is on the most top floor of Beauty World Centre.

You can have rice or porridge. We usually take the porridge.

We ordered 2 duck wings. Simple and nice tasting. No garnish etc...

The "kor kuay with eggs". (Bitter Gourd with eggs)

The '3 layer lor' meat. San Chen Rou.

There was only 2 vegs left, we ordered kangkong as well.

This is the "tau kee perr". (Bean Curd Skin)

This is tao pok and tah kuah in tao you. I like tao pok!

Guess how much it cost? $8 only. It feeds 4 of us. It reminds me of food that we ate when we were young. Simple. You can see we like things that have black soy sauce. haha..

The veg does not look very sparkly and shining because it is not starched with so much corn starch which is done by so many others. We like the taste like this.

Portions are a bit small lah, but you can order the Lamb Soup next door which is quite popular too.

View the location here at Earth@SG
Note: There's a Beauty World Centre and also a Beauty World Plaza. These are 2 different buildings :-)

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Rasa Malaysia said...

The Tau kee and tau pok in soy sauce are always best with ultimate favorite. I can eat soy bean products every day. :)

foody said...

what's their opening hours like? Anyone knows?

Keropok Man said...

think its for lunch only.
never had dinner there before though...

unless others know.

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