Sunday, January 06, 2008

Crystal Jade Dining Place @ IMM

This was eaten on 1 Jan 2008. More like afternoon snack. First snack for 2008. :-p

We snacked at Crystal Jade Dining Place, one of the many Crystal Jade Restaurants around. This is in IMM. Dining Place is their latest chain brand I think, serving casual eats.

Was fiddling with the camera and happened to look up. Mirrors on the ceiling! Took a shot of it. Rare glimpse of the people that usually eat together in this blog! :-)

Do you play with food? We do! Have you tried picking two peanuts using your chopsticks? Everytime there's peanut starter dish, we play with food! (family tradition? haha)

We wanted to order "lo por gao", but we were recommended this special version of it. The Stir fried savoury and sweet version. It's quite yummy! Should try it.

We also had beef hor fun, with the hint of the wonderful wok burnt smell!
We had lotus leaves glutinous rice too. (partially hidden on the top left)

The Cha Shao Bao here is soft and flavourful. The steamers beside were the usual 'phoenix claws' and 'siu mai'. No need to show right? The claws are good here too.

We ended the snack with this dessert. This is actually 'tang yuan'! Very finely crushed peanut covering the tang yuans.

Hmmm. When you eat this, it signifies that you are a year older right? It so happened that it's 1 Jan! We are old!

Hope you all have grown up wiser and healthier in 2008!

Wishing all parents who have children taking PSLE, O and A levels extra portion of strength, blessings and perseverance for this year! It's time to start boiling them gingko soups!

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Momo said...

I love the tang yuan at crystal jade done this way :) Its always served hot and when you bit into it the filling will flow out, ooo so yummy! ;)

ice said...

wanted to ask which one is you in that family pix reflected fr the ceiling.then i saw the

ok now i know who le. haha

Bucefalo said...

Bon app├ętit everyone!

Crunchasarus Rex said...

I love cystral jade.. ;) they now have so many brunches.. it's awesome.. :) i guess when i do come home for a visit.. it would be great.. wherever i choose to stay.. for my vacation.. :)

mama bok said...

Yummy..!!! what one wouldn't give to have those cha siew paos.. ;)

Rasa Malaysia said...

KM, Happy Eating 2008!

Wah, the kacang so big biji biji, I like kacang a lot, but I heard these are actually from canned food??

team bsg said...

we normally play with the food and also left & right foots

skalikat said...

Master Keropok, your reviews are always so funny. I think the tang yuan with peanut powder is called LEI SHA.

And yes Rasa M'sia, canned peanuts. Cost 80 singapore cents per can from supermarket. cheap and nice comfort food. =)

Keropok Man said...

i got some in my freezer you now.

you got sharp eyes!

bon appetit too!

are you a char siew pao fan?

izit from can one ah? hmmm but they taste very good leh. if can wonder which brand. haha..

i just bought some kacang, and trying to replicate it at home. :-)

team bsg,
you and your footsie ah....

Oh! I din know the name. Thanks!
You like peanuts too eh?

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