Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Secret Recipe @ Anchorpoint

The desserts photos that were more interesting and delicious has been posted, here's the food photos, which is not as nice. LOL..

The kid's meal! 4 mini burgers. So cute, the tiny hand is already grabbing it!

The baked spaghetti, I thought it was for the kid, but I saw her daddy finishing up instead. haha... Parents always have to finish up after their kids ya?

The baked fish.

Chicken Cordon Blue eaten by sis. A bit 'the dry leh'.

We had a few of this on the table. Oxtail Stew. It was quite all right.

For our vegetarian friends who joined us, they had this veg spaghetti and another fried soba thingy.

Food so so lah. This place is meant for cakes.
Unless you want the Irish Stew that's quite famous too.

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