Monday, January 21, 2008

Thai Express @ Plaza Singapura

In yesterday's post, I mentioned Thai Express, so here's the photos.

This place always reminds us that looks are deceiving. But we enjoyed abusing our tongue and lips. The Tom Yam Soup here always looks so clear and mild. But this is fiery soup. Weaklings need not bother. haha..

I had the Thai Laksa. It looks mild too yah? But this jade-green dish, looks tame but it is wild!

Uncle had Seafood Horfun. Looks yummy too eh?

We always seem to order the same mango or papaya salad. So this time, we tried something different. We had the mushroom and tofu salad. It is actually quite good.

Sis and Cousin both had Phad Thai. Do you realise our brains have somehow being wired that thai food = phad thai. haha...

Hope you rested well over the weekend.
What is your favourite Thai Dish?

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ChengWei said...

my fave thai dish has to be tom yum soup. the authentic kind, not those doused heavily with chili oil.

anyway, chanced upon your blog and loved your pictures. what camera and lens did you shoot with? :D

Crunchasarus Rex said...

I'll have to say .. tom yum soup.. you can't go wrong with that eh.. ;0

Keropok Man said...

Hmm conclusion, when pple says Thai, it either means Phad Thai or Tomyam Soup. hahah...

ChengWei, thanks for dropping your comments. To answer your question, I mostly use the Sony T200 for most photos.

ChengWei said...

wow thanks.

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