Saturday, January 03, 2009

Choupinette @ Bukit Timah Road

Remember the wedding lunch the other day? After such a filling lunch a few people thought that we should go for coffee. There's always room for some drinks no matter how full you are. So during coffee, Eggs Benedict was suddenly brought up.

Someone said we should go meet for breakfast and let's have Eggs Benedict at Choupinette. The guy who has become our unofficial outing organizer was tasked to send out email to see who will be interested. As usual, he passes the task to his sub committee to do it. (faints!) Anyway, the sub-committee was efficient and within 24 hours, an email was sent out.

We met for breakfast this morning. It's beside Coronation Plaza along Bukit Timah Road.


So the following is what the 7 of us had for breakfast.
All of us had the sets, so they come with a glass of juice and also a hot drink.

Person 1 had scramble eggs with sausage. $18

Scramble Eggs, tomato, sausage and bread

Person 2 had Eggs Florentine. $20

Eggs Florentine sauce

Person 3 had the Eggs Benedict. $20

Eggs Benedict

Person 4 had the Eggs Royale. $21

Eggs Royale

Person 5 had the poached eggs with chilli pork sausage. $18

Poach Eggs with sausage, tomato and bread

Person 6 and 7 both had Eggs Benedict too. $20

Eggs Benedict

Persons 1 to 7 shared a baguette. $2.80


That was very delicious when you spread it with loads of butter and jam. ahh....

Jam and Butter

So what's Eggs Benedict?
Eggs Benedict is a dish that consists of a half of a muffin, topped with ham or bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

There are variations of it and you can see above. Replace ham with spinach and you have Eggs Florentine. Replace ham with smoked salmon and you have Eggs Royale. If you want to read more, hop over to Wikipedia.

This is not just an Eggs Benedict place. We came here just to satisfy cravings for Eggs Benedict. They have pastries and desserts that are famous too. Hop over to fellow food blogger LadyIronChef to see what he and his group of friends had recently.

Oh ya, some reviews of this place says the poach eggs are all nicely done with the yokes all soft and flowing. For the 6 sets above that had poach eggs, only 3 sets fit the criteria. Also, to get eggs shaped so nicely, the secret is to have vinegar in the boiling water when you poach the eggs, they were probably a bit generous with the vinegar today. The eggs tasted a little too vinegarish.

607 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269708

Tel: 6466 0613

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Ben and Suanne said...

Wow ... twenty bucks is expensive, even kind of a ripoff prices, for Canadian standards. Especially the sausages ... they looked like they are from frozen packages! For twenty bucks we can get a grand slam like the ones you see here BTW, I've always enjoyed reading your blog ... keep up the great photos!

ice said...

The eggs look delish! I love eggs benny but these aren't real muffins yah?

Life for Beginners said...

Ho ho ho. That sure is a lot of eggs, man. Personal fav of mine is scrambled eggs all buttery and cheesy... know what I mean? :D

Fen said...

Nice shots of the Eggs... They are yummy and you just describe them so well with your photos... My only issue with the eggs are their price tags...

Didn't know our choupinette entries are almost back to back :) Have LIC's entry tempted you?

pentel said...

Greetings from Canada

I hope Choupinette is an upscale establishment because those egg dishes are over priced.

The scramble eggs and sausage would have costs no more than $4 at a diners in Canada. The fanciful dish like Eggs Benedict is not likely available at a diners, a restaurant like White Spot, Cactus Club or Earls would have served it at no more than $8 so the $20 price that you guys paid seems a little too much.


southernoise said...

eggs look delicious but hor if too vinegarish and too well done not nice lah.

like life for beginners, I love mine moist with plenty of butter and cheese!

brad said...

thanks for the link dude. they are what i called the most-expensive-eggs-ever. lol! yeah vinegar a bit on the high side. haha

Keropok Man said...

Ben & Suanne,
Yeah, it's a tad expensive. (Everyone thinks so too. )

I forgot if they were. I ate it and forgot about it! LOL We were chatting and chatting (or some call gossiping) with friends.

Yeah, I know what you mean. When I try to do that at home, I tend to overcook it and no longer that texture.

Ya, back to back! Friends organised it just before LIC posted it. Great minds think alike? LOL

Ya, it's a tad expensive. It comes with a juice and coffee/tea. I think it's a place people go for the nice deco and atmosphere. ;-)

we should have an egg party! I got some big big eggs in my fridge. LOL

But the place is nice ya? I want to try the other stuff next time, the ones posted by you.

Ming the Merciless said...

K-man, I noticed western style cuisines are highly over priced in Singapore.

The breakfast was ~S$20 each where as the nasi lemak and chicken rice were like ~S$10. I would eat nasi lemak and chicken rice every day for that price.

Estelle Kiora said...

Hungry on a sunday morning = trawling your blog... :-P Thanks Keropok Man aka Ph****! :P

See u soon!


Keropok Man said...


Looking at this place, I feel hungry now too!


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