Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mee Tai Mak Laksa, Thick Toast @ Toastbox, Plaza Singapura

After church today, the rest of us had lunch at Thai Express (photos another day), while our aunt had her Sunday School Teachers meeting. So we all makan first since her meeting takes a long time.

When she finished her meeting, we met her at Toast Box while she had her lunch. Mee Tai Mak! It's laksa too. It looks delicious too! The rest of us then ordered a bowl to share! (actually cousin is the one that wants to eat it) haha..

It looks good doesn't it?

Wonder what is Mee Tai Mak? It's the worm like whitish noodles. In Hokkien, some of us call it mouse tail noodles. haha... Here, i messed up the dish to show it to you.

The rest of us took a spoonful of the laksa and munch on this Peanut Butter thick toast instead.

Laksa is $4.20

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Mama Bok said...

Not a huge fan of peanut butter toast.. but laksa anytime.. please.. ;) .. the noodle is just like udon to me.. ;) i rarely eat it.. unless i'm sick.. ;)

Keropok Man said...

Aha! Mama Bok is another person who can never refuse laksa!

ice said...

mee tai mak = sick people my but w fishballs.

hey!mama bok!!how come so same-same??

love pb toast!but cannot have the nutz! :p creamy & sinful...

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