Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kopi Alley @ Anchorpoint

Two days ago, we had lunch at Anchorpoint. The renovations are not fully completed yet. The main entrance is not ready! haha...

Walking around, we did not know where to eat and ended up eating at the new Koufu food court. We were feeling warm and thirsty after lunch, so we all decided to go elsewhere for coffee and tea. We thought we saw TCC, but it is not opened yet. So we remembered seeing a coffee place at the basement while we were roaming this place earlier.

Kopi Alley, is opened by Jollibean, one of the soya bean shops.

We ordered a few drinks. This is my 'teh o peng'.

I want to laugh. It is written "Ice Tea O" on the menu, but when I order, I said Teh O Peng. The person paused a while then said yes, we have Ice Teh O, and took my other orders.

When she confirmed the order again, she read it out all in the English equivalent. I said, yes, 3 teh, 1 kopi, 1 teh o peng. I think that confused the lady, because she had to translate all back to 3 Tea, 1 Coffee, 1 Ice Tea O again before she got it.

OK, I was cheeky.

The drinks ok lah.

But something that was different was the Ice Cream Toast. It's vanilla ice cream for this.
This is what another colleague ordered earlier. OK we always order extra to share and always ended up with too much. LOL.

This was another order, also with Ice Cream Toast. But this is choc chip instead. haha..
We like both of it.

We also had the usual Kaya and Butter Toast.

One thing though, has the price of butter gone up so so much? See the butter above, that's all you get, 1.5 cm more inside what you see. A bit kiam-siap lah... Maybe if we were to order we should ask for extra butter next time.

Of course, the butter lover colleague would have love the the butter to be as big piece as the ice cream. LOL...

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Momo said...

Looks lovely. Ya kun also have ice cream toast now. Everywhere also the same, butter small small one.

ice said...

yah!! i think butter prices go up! >.< some places even charge 50cents more for extra pc of butter!!! aiyos!

WishBoNe said...

I love butter but this one has too tiny a piece of butter lei :(

Yummy, sounds like ice cream toast is good.

alicesg said...

Delicious photo but I am staying away from big chunks of butter, they are no good for the heart and bad for cholesterol level. So the price increase does not affect me. hehehe.........

Crunchasarus Rex said...

Hey..!! i thought you just had lunch.. :P

Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

Hello, nice blog u have here and the food looks good.

oh ...this looks like a ya kun kaya bread.

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