Friday, January 18, 2008

Ya Kwang Dai Pai Dong @ 709 Geyland Road

This was eaten yesterday. I was too tired to post it so I posted yesterday, so the Tau Huey got posted first. (less photos mah.... hehe..) Anyway.....

When we were all concentrating at work yesterday, suddenly my yahoo messenger pop up with the words: "Lunch at: ?" Of course we all said "sure". Read Doc Leslie's blog to read more about this place.

Our makan coordinator at work must have planned it all, coz another colleague who usually parks his car at his wife's workplace (with free parking), decided to park at our workplace. So, we got two cars to drive all the way to Geylang.

The first car arrived much earlier and ordered the food. We arrived just in time to makan.

Anyway, we had this fabulous Char Kuey Teow. There's the $4 version and the $8 version. We thought that we ordered the $8 version, but the $4 version came. Of course the $4 is not enough to feed 8 hungry gluttons like us. So after this arrived, we ordered another $8 portion of it. (confused? :-0)

Delicious, but just a tad too salty for half of us who had more sensitive tongue. We will still eat another plate though. haha...

There was a great disappointment. We were told no crabs!!! Aiyo, they also did not have crabs over at the owner's parents shop nearby. Alamak, how? So we settled for cereal prawns. "Boh Jim, Hey Mah Hor"

To replace the crab, we also had this delicious sotong. The sambal makes us 'gian' for more. If you like spicy stuff, eat this. Cooked just right, no rubbery texture.

Aha. This is delicious. Very delicious. Rib eye with teriyaki sauce. Lots of onions! Heavenly.. The meat was tender, juicy and chunky. Yes, we had double servings of this.

We also had chicken wings.

Our only veg. Ti Wang Miao.

OK, we shall be back another day for our crabs.
Be warned... we were very thirsty by 3 or 4 pm. haha..

$130 plus for all of the above plus drinks. The expensive part is actually the parking fine that our colleague got. Urrghh.. extra $50 to the bill.

Have a Blessed Weekend!

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Jenn said...

yummyyyyyy.... (drooling drooling)

aiyaa, why ever I came to your site... now so hungry already and there is no makan stalls here... :(

nice pics mate

Anonymous said...

Only one word to describe
Yum yum yummy

Anonymous said...

Drool like mad..!!

Dr Leslie said...

Jason does not use the powder MSG in case you are wondering. So the thirst is due to the hot weather and the tad salty dishes not added MSG!

Camemberu said...

Wah I always envy you having

a) car(s) to drive you around to eat
b) colleagues to enjoy food with (and more people means can try more dishes)
c) that occasional boss/senior who will belanja you all!

Thanks for the pics! Been wanting to try Ya Kwang but never got around to it. Like got so many nice dishes!

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