Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hainese Style Boneless Chicken Rice @ Dover Food Market

You notice it is Hainese and not Hainanese? Colleagues and I have been here so many times over the years, but we never noticed it until yesterday!

We were actually going to 'save' another chicken rice stall at the Dover Food market, we saw that they were on the verge of closing, and was having chicken rice at $1.50 till the end of the month. When we arrived, I guess we were too late! The whole stall is empty, nothing was left there, except a bunch of flowers. Hmmm... some fans left a bouquet there? LOL...

Anyway, since we set our minds on having chicken rice, we headed to the 'super competitive' 2 chicken rice stall that are beside each other (separated by a drinks stall in the middle only). We know both are equally nice, but there was an empty table in front of this stall, so we ate at this one lah...

This must be faster than fast food! The moment you sit down, the guy asks for your order, and within half a minute, the rice and chicken is on the table!

This 'white chicken' arrives within 1 minute. Love the 'archar' that comes with it.

We also had the 'roast chicken'.

The 'you chai'.

Maybe the bean sprouts takes longer time to get rid of the head and root, it arrived much much later.

Anyway, it also comes with very big plates of rice. You get stuffed by the rice. We were 4 satisfied people. haha...

If you have been here, which of the two competitive stalls is your favourite?

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teckiee said...

ahh the closed chicken rice shop nice or not?

tigerfish said...

that look like bok choy , not you chai leh! :P

Anonymous said...

I love the bean sprouts and ah char.. ;)

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