Thursday, January 03, 2008

Campus Yummy Hunt at NUS: Chinese Noodle @ Frontier Canteen

Yesterday's post was the winner of the 3 stalls at NUS. This stall was also featured. The Chinese Noodle stall @ Frontier Canteen.

I ordered the Pai Ku Mian that was shown on TV, but I opted for Kuey Teow instead.

You can usually order the $1.50 or $1.80 version, but this is the $2 version. For $2, look at how many pieces of meat they give (6 pieces)! Yes, the chilli is good!

(if you buy uncook pork ribs at the supermarket with this portion, it cost more than $2!)

More pieces of meat is a bit fatty. haha.. Do you like super lean meats or fatty meats? I like to have fatty meats cooked with food, but I don't put the fats into my mouth. hehe..

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Anonymous said...

"Do you like super lean meats or fatty meats?"

Lean meat, please. But fatty meats can be used to flavour the dish, that I don't mind. ;)

Happy New Year! :D

J.C. said...

The plate of noodle is mouth-watering!! Lean meat for me too! Must be delicious, huh?

tigerfish said...

Think NUS still cheapest place to eat in Singapore hor.

The pork rib kway teow looks good - like braised pork rib yee-poh hor fun style :P

^geraldine^ said...

post more food stuff! haha.. whenever i'm hungry, i'll visit ur website! (: heh!!

Keropok Man said...

kenny, j.c.,
i see you are all lean meat people ;-)

ok lah. things are getting expensive in the Cafes on campus though.

yes, visit for no calorie viewing of food pictures! hehe...

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