Monday, January 07, 2008

Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Holland Village

Today we had to go to 3 places before we can have lunch! We went to Venue A in Ghim Moh, arrgh... it's closed. Then we went to another place, Venue B, at the other side of Ghim Moh .... and on the main entrance, it says Closed on Mondays. Arrghh..

Then we went to Holland Village nearby. Oh, it was so easy to get a cab nowdays. ;-)
The first 4 who got there says they got a place at Crystal Jade. The other 4 of us in the other cab met them there.

One more senior colleague said, lunch on me, ok? All of us replied in unison, SURE!! He asked what to eat, and he decided on the Set Meal for 8. One had Sharksfin, the other Fish Maw, the choice was clear. We had a very anti-shark colleague. (He might just join green peace one day!)

The Fish Maw soup was served. It was served in 8 individual bowls.

It was nice, a scoop of it with crab meat.

It also came with the combo with 3 kind of meat.

Prawns and Broccoli.
(We were talking about how they make the prawns so crunchy, any of you have secrets that can let us know?)

The 3 different kind of eggs with Veg dish. One of our favourites.

Pork Chops. Yummy! There's lots of onions all below. :-)

The salted fish fried rice.

The lady asked if we wanted deep fried for the Soon Hock. OK, since it was recommended. It came as two fishes. If we knew earlier, maybe we could have asked for half half eh? One Steam and One Crispy Deep Fried. Wonder if they would agree. LOL...

Red Bean Soup with Fried Orange Peel for dessert.

Thanks HW for lunch today.

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Ben Joe Armstrong said...

this blog is damn good can. the pics are awesome, i never fail to check out this blog everytime i come online. HAHA. GOOD STUFF.

benita said...

For the crunchy prawns: Soak the raw peeled prawns in cornstarch solution for a few hours. Even if the prawn is not very fresh, it'll still be crunchy. My mom told me that.

And yes, a lot of the natural sweetness of prawn meat will be lost in the process. I tasted that.

Keropok Man said...

ben joe armstrong,
thanks! :-)
have a good eating year ahead!

ah.. thanks!
we heard:
- the cornstrach solution method.
- constant rinsing in clear water method.
- sugar solution method.

one of these days, i shall try them all!

Min@faith said...

woh...what a wonderful photo and food treats, thanks for sharing.
I guess you love crystal jade's food alot?

mama bok said...

Hey..!! i thought you just had crystal jade..!! muahhahahaha!! but ya.. i know.. how to resist such good food right.. :)
PS: pass me a hanky please.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Gosh the food looks so luminous and luscious... Crystal. And. Jade. Good words to describe them... :D

the hungry cow said...

I think some use alkali water or bicarbonate of soda to give prawns that super springy feel. Personally, I'm not too big on this.

ice said...

how about dipping in egg-white wash about frying?

Keropok Man said...

just happen to drop by that's all. :-P
when someone's treating, no one refuses right? haha..

mama bok,
*handing you a hanky* haha..

You are a writer indeed!

hungry cow, ice
ah... another two method.
i feel weird eating prawns that have been 'modified', but curiosity kills the cat. haha.. so must try.

ice said...

hey! i swear this method is authentic!!

haven't u watch the cheezy Martin Yan on tee-bee before?? he does that lor!! & his food IS authentic.

Anonymous said...

Some supermarkets sell them in frozen packs! My mom buys them occasionally. And yeah, the soaking in baking soda one works. But flavour is lost and doesn't taste the same way it does in restaurants! Don't know why either. :)

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