Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Desserts @ Secret Recipe, Anchorpoint

Last Saturday nite, met up with another group of friends for our monthly dinner. We had wanted to go to that Disney theme place, but we did not booked, and ended up having to eat elsewhere. We walked around and ate at Secret Recipe instead. The food pictures maybe tomorrow, but this was our desserts.

The kids was I think disappointed. The two pair of parents have to quickly initiate damage control. LOL. One said they will be back another day. Another got to wash the hands in the disney sink and was OK. haha...

One of the drinks that I like is the Apple Kasturi here. I think I always order this whether I have it in Singapore or Malaysia!

This is their signature cake. We had I think 2 or 3 of it on our tables. The Chocolate Banana. I think some outlets serve their standing up, but this one is served in 'sleep mode'. haha.

Those who did not order Chocolate Banana ordered Chocolate Indulgence instead. haha.. Yes, also in 'sleep mode'.

What about those who did not want cakes? They had ice cream instead!

The 3 kids had Smarties Ice Cream!

Though I am not a parent, would like to ask those parents out there.
How do you do damage control? Promised your child something and then could not deliver?

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Ming the Merciless said...

"If you can't behave like adults in public, I am not taking you out again!"


I'm not a fan of misbehaving, whiney kids at restaurants. I always find it rude that parents don't know how to control their kids or simply let their kids run wild at public places.

Mama BoK said...

No damage control for us.. because this cannot be helped ma.. plus hor.. cannot spoil lor.. otherwise.. everything also want.. and then throw tantrum in the public.. die lor..!
My brat hor.. we never allow her to behave badly in public. We always tell her. "this ain't your store.. you can't do this in public.. this store belongs to someone else" . This has been instilled in her .. for the longest.. like a few years now.. so she never misbehaved in public.

team bsg said...

aisehman sleep mode sure got come a bit slow. then also got cut many pieces ? to do the damage control is easy say ice cream next time in long standing mode

Keropok Man said...

sometimes not only are the kids whiney, adults as well! hahaha.. my sis says I am whiney at times. hahaha...

Mama Bok,
you have taught baby bok choi well!

team bsg,
can i have ice cream when i go to kay el?

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