Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rochor Beancurd House @ Geylang Road

Today after lunch we walked a few shops away to have some beancurd. Since we are so near, might as well right? (Sounds so kiasu hor.. haha..)

There was 8 of us, and 7 of us had the tau huay. Some like it cold, some like it hot. (Sounds like a nursery rhyme right? )

We went to this famous one lah..

All of you are bright people, you can guess which is the cold beancurd and which is the hot ones.

Just in case you don't know.... The hot one comes in bowls.

The cold ones are taken out from the fridge and they are in plastic containers.

Yes, it was nice and smooth. Delicious!

Rochor Beancured House
745 Geyland Road (near Lorong 39).
Singapore 389653

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Momo said...

Can see DP's head in first picture ;) hahaha.

Crunchasarus Rex said...

One of the things i missed most is beancurd.. :(
I wanna come hommeeeee...!!!

Thiên said...

Oh my, I LOVE this dish. My sister and I plan to make a 2.5 hour trip to nearby Houston, Texas, where we can find this excellent dessert, warmed and with the ginger syrup! YUMMY!

Keropok Man said...

Momo, sharp eyes, sharp eyes.

Crunchasarus Rex,
Come home! Maybe for CNY? ;-)

What? You will make a 2.5 hour trip to eat? Haha.. Hope you enjoy both the trip and the food!

Crunchasrus Rex said...

I really wished..!! but the man is moving the business to another store at the end of the month.. so there goes my trip home. :(

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