Saturday, January 12, 2008

New York, New York @ Citylink Mall

After watching Beauty World this afternoon, sis and I walked past Citylink Mall.

We saw this New York, New York place and we walked in. We reasoned that there's always a long queue, so the food must be quite ok. Moreover there was no queue when we walked past.

We ordered a Caesar Salad to share. Guess its name? It's called World Class Caesar Salad! $8.90

Our drinks came next. Sis wanted a Root Beer Float. $7.60

I had a lemonade. $5.90

Sis ordered Spaghetti Vongole. The taste is OK lah. She was counting the number of vongole on the plate. haha.... She was thinking about the Vongole at Holland Village that has so much you won't bother to count. LOL...

I ordered the whole Rotisserie Chicken. $14.90
I thought I should have ordered the Ribs. :-)

Those of you who have eaten here, what's New York New York's specialty? I think we ordered the wrong mains. We wondered what those in the long queue eat when they are here. :-p

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Crunchasarus Rex said...

The New York .. New York here is about burgers.. and only in the city.. not where i am.

mylumut said...

we wonder also whats the main and suggest it shall be called spagetachiks when you primed the firm slippery noodles deep inside the whole bird

tigerfish said...

New York New York - name of a famous casino in the Las Vegas Strip :)

World Class Caesar comes with hard boiled egg? Gado gado ah? "P

ice said...

specialty?maybe it's the candy floss? wa haha

btw i had the root beer float before..i tot it was giganorminas!!! but was definitely good & worth the money! :)

Akira said...

Well, i would think that New York New York is totally overhyped. Ate there thrice and NONE of the food could really make it tops. Worst was the third visit where every food me and my friends ordered came out untasteworthy.

Ming the Merciless said...

$7.60 for a rootbeer float and $5.90 for a lemonade?!?!?! That's highway robbery!!!

And the Hainamese Chicken Rice in the next post was cheaper than the rootbeer float!!!

kusumo(: said...

i think the long queue is bcos of the ambience that new york new york has, wats with the comfy sofa and all. but i personally think that the food is totally overpriced.

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