Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cafe Le Caire @ NUS Business Canteen

Colleagues and I had a quick and simple lunch at the NUS Business Canteen. There's this Cafe Le Caire that has been around for some time, but we never bought anything from there when we visit this place.

Whenever you walk past, you can smell the fragrant meats from the gyros grill. Last week we decided to give it a try.

I had the chicken stew (can't remember the name) set. It was not bad. The rice is quite nice.
But I sure wish I had more chicken, think the portions a little tiny. But I think it's around $2.50 only, so you can't expect a lot of meat.


Another colleague had the Ba'mia. (Lamb and Okra Stew).
Looks good too. He saw the kebabs and decided to try it as well.

Mutton and Kebab

We ate here because we wanted to try something different.
Cafe Le Caire here is a small stall only. I heard the main store at Arab St sells more things.

Cafe Le Caire
Business Canteen
National University of Singapore

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Anonymous said...


Mediteranean food are a good choice. Especially greek food, they're quite yummy


Dutchie said...

Isn't it always the case with meaty dishes ? Take for eg the curry that goes with the prata - we usually hv a side order of extra meat but we got mostly chunky bones instead of chunky meat.

Some years back my bro discovered this mama store in Thomson - wow, they hv lamb, chicken, beef, fish curries. Prata is still my family's Sunday breakfast there but they often pack back the meat dishes to go with white rice. Absolutely a delight ! Thinking abt it now makes me drool *sad*

Meg said...

You guys must have one of the best canteens in the world. I wonder if there's ever been something like a Canteen World Cup?

Unknown said...

I have not tried much greek food. Maybe I should hunt for them!

can you get prata over at where you are? they are exporting prata everywhere now right?

That will make you happy eh? :-)

Meg in nelson,
heard Google has better canteens! those who work there get free food!!! Delicious ones too!

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