Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Uncle Sam's Claypots @ Clementi City Vibe

I was on my way home, and got a text from sis asking me if I want to eat dinner with her. I said OK and we met at City Vibe. We have not been to Clementi for months. Things seems to have changed quite a bit here.

Anyway, we ate at The Uncle Sam's Claypot because there's a banner that says they have Claypot Crabs. Sis had a backache and she heard from a lady in her choir that the Chinese sinseh said that to recover from backache, eat crabs. The lady ate crabs for almost all meals for 3 days and the pain was gone! I laugh when sis told me that story, sis added that lady in the choir is a friend of the sinseh, there might be some truth in it. (do you all think it's true?)

Anyway, if you realise, sis had crab at Putien too. Is she going to do eat crabs for 3 days too? LOL... (yes, you all can laugh with me. don't you think it's funny?)

This is a branch. I think for people who works in Robinson Road, many people would have eaten at the branch there.

The Uncle Sam's Claypot @ Clementi City Vibe

We ordered their well known Boneless Chicken Claypot. It was OK. Sis likes claypot rice, I don't really like claypot rice because I don't fancy burnt rice. ;-)

I know some people say we should eat Claypot Rice at the famous Claypot Rice opposite City Vibes.

Boneless Chicken Claypot Rice

OK, the reason we are here. The Claypot Crab.
We had the thick beehoon with it. There's clams, yam strips, etc. So it tasted rather good. The crabs not too small either.

I realised for their parsley, they put in the whole plant with the roots. The root's where the flavour is. We were both quite pleased with this dish. ;-)

Claypot Crab

Oh we realise something too. Many credit cards have discounts here. We had 15% by using Citi.
Pricing: Claypot Crab $15.80, Boneless Chicken Rice $8.

The Uncle Sam's Claypots
3151 Commonwealth Avenue West
#02-11/12 City Vibe
Singapore 129581

Tel: 6778 3088

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Dutchie said...

I dont know much abt the claypot "culture". Does it offer extra health "properties" thru its process ?

Backaches probably would benefit from a good back rub lah :-) I get that on weekends standing for long periods of time cleaning the house ! Hope it's not an oesteo-porosis scare, eh.

Just asked hubby abt his claypot dinners with my brothers (some dishes r supposed to er .. strengthen the virility - yes u can laugh with me, haha) when we were in SG. He said there were no diff in taste :-s

What abt u ? Any significant diff ?

Unknown said...

I don't think it does! Maybe more flavour only when you use claypot?

I think it only retains heat better when it's being served. don't you think so?

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