Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dinner at Friend's..

Just about more than 1 week ago, Momo and I had dinner at AromaCookery's place. The world is indeed so so small.


AromaCookery and Momo are long lost friends who lost contact 10 over years ago after their studies! It took keropokman to bring them back together again. (I can imagine the girls saying 'ya right' in unison now)

Momo told me AromaCookery's mum's food was legendary. Looks like AromaCookery inherited her mum's skill! She said she will prepare a very simple meal for friends to meet up. Two other classmates came along too. "Their mini reunion".

Here's what she made for us.

Mango and Jelly Fish salad. It's nice! Home cooking and it looks so nice eh? :-)

Mango and Jelly Fish Salad

Assam Fish. The combi of sourness, saltiness etc is just nice!
Another friend who said her husband does not touch any Assam Fish says this one's good.
(Sorry lah, the fish is hidden below, I am too shy to mess it up. hehe)

Asam Fish

Cantonese Steam Chicken and Mushroom.
I like this dish. There's something to it that makes it taste good.

Cantonese Style Chicken

Aha! She's also a fellow chicken feet lover! :-)

Phoenix Claws and Nuts Soup

The mixed veg dish. What a nice colourful combi.

Mixed Vegs

The guests (that means the other 4 of us lah) brought desserts.
The hosts likes ice cream, so here's ice cream :-)

By the way, did you all know that the local Ice Cream shops now trademark their flavours and name? Eg Gila Melaka (not gula melaka) is a trademark name!! LOL

Orange Choc Bitters and Gila Melaka

Plus fruits.... Cherries, Peach and Golden Kiwis.

Cherries, Peach and Golden Kiwis.

Thanks AromaCookery and husband for inviting us for dinner!
It was a great dinner.

You want recipes? Ask her to conduct a cooking class :-)
Drop by her Scent-suous Singapore Food Blog!

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Julia said...

Hey, you're too kind. I've only inherited like, 5% of my mom's cooking skill! Your awesome photography makes my food look better than it tastes. :)

Thank you so much for the delicious ice cream. I'm now officially addicted to Udders ice cream!

When can u and Momo come again to be my guinea pigs? Dun forget, there's still a bottle of wine in the fridge waiting to be popped. :P

Anonymous said...


Interesting ice cream! Never heard of it.


alicesg said...

Wow all my favourite except I dont take chicken feet...yummy. Lucky you.

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