Friday, August 21, 2009

Putien @ VivoCity (Food Republic)

This was our Sunday lunch. My aunt and mum are Hing Hwa, so these are 'their food', the food that they grew up eating. I think mum makes them too sometimes. Maybe sis and I should compile and note down all their recipes. This will be one future project. :-)

We ate this Hing Hwa cuisine place called Putien that's located inside the Food Republic foodcourt in VivoCity.

After placing our orders, aunt saw the kiosk beside the entrance preparing dumplings. (If you walk in the Food Republic foodcourt, at the entrance of the special section that's reserved for Putien, you will notice that they have a few snacks prepared and sold there.)

This is one of the snacks they sell at the 'kiosk'. Pan Fried Dumplings.

Fried Dumpling

They are not bad. The ingredients inside are non meat if I remember correctly. Shredded vegetables, mushroom, tang hoon etc.

Fried Dumpling

If you are a fan of oyster pancakes, you should try this. Everyone except me raved about it. You can tell I am not a fan of oyster panckes. LOL..

Oyster Pan Cake

When we were ordering, we saw on the little advert on the table that they have some 44 cents dishes (for the nation's 44th birthday). So we asked the waitress about the deal. She said each diner is entitled to order 1 44cents dish. We had 5 persons, so we can order 5 dishes. They are mini portions (it's really tiny) of some desserts and starters.

Here's some orange and I think it's winter melon strips with some orange sauce. It's quite interesting. We had two of this.

Orange and Winter Gourd Dessert

Another of the 44 cents tasting dish is the Mini Shrimp with Seaweed. I like this. I think it's because the taste is familiar. I think mum made a variation of this at home too. We had two of this.

Mini Shrimp with Seaweed

Then our other starters started arriving as well. One of the popular dishes here is the Ice Bitter Gourd. Bitter Gourd that's really cold and sliced very thinly. They taste really good with the honey dip that comes with it. It's very refreshing!

Ice Bitter Gourd

This is another of my fav. Steamed Cold Pork Belly with Garlic. I think people should try this! I think the garlicy sauce makes it taste so so appetizing.

Steamed Cold Pork Belly with garlic

The other main dishes tomorrow. Feeling very tired these few days.

Putien @ VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk
#03-01B VivoCity Food Republic
Singapore 098585
Tel: 6376 9358

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Anonymous said...

take care of urself!
we need u to be healthy to blog everyday abt food food food!:)

-someone who visits ur blog almost everyday-

Anonymous said...

Makes me hope that I'm back in sg now. Hope you tried the see hums, orh chien and the pan-fried yam cubes, they are all very good

Dutchie said...

My mind is mostly numbed with fatigue with the long commute to the city n back ~-~, so I can empathise with u !

Thanks for making the effort to post .. learned something new leh .. first time I heard of Hing Hwa - haha. A bit like Hakka or not ? Could be interesting to try the dishes tho.

Camemberu said...

Wow! Did not know your mom the industrious cook/baker is Hing Hwa! So you grew up with Hing Hwa dishes? I never even knew of this dialect in BP!

Haven't tried Putien yet, but they are coming to Parkway Parade end of the year! Yay! Dishes look nice.

Unknown said...

Anon 1,
Thanks! I was fell sick yesterday. But today I am fine now. :-)

Anon 2,
Ya, I think I tried it at their main branch long ago. Yes, it was good!

Hing Hwa is a part of the Hokkiens. You can get more info at if you are interested :-)

Ya, we din know some of the things we grew up eating are Hing Hwa. LOL...

The food's very seafood based and a bit starchy too.

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