Friday, August 07, 2009

Warong M Nasir @ Killeney Road

Time really flies. This was eaten on the weekend that the iPhone was launched in Singapore. Momo was queuing for her phone, and luckily for her, Camemberu was her companion as they queued for their phones.

After they got their phones, I met them to have lunch nearby Comcentre. We ate at Warong M Nasir, a place that's quite well known for their Nasi Padang.

Warong M Nasir

Our 'lauk' (dishes) that we shared. This is Sambal Goreng. It's spicier than the usual ones elsewhere, but it's nice.

Sambal Goreng

Taugeh Goreng. Fried Bean Sprouts.


The Beef Rendang was very fragrant. Very spicy but delicious.


The Ikan Pari Assam. (Assam Stingray).
I like the gravy! Very addictive.

Assam Pari

All of the above goes well with Nasi Putih. (White Steam Rice).

Nasi Putih

Other than Momo and Camemberu, we realise the people sitting beside us also bought iPhones. LOL...

Momo seems to be very satisfied with her new phone!

Warung M Nasir
69 Killiney Road
Singapore 239526

Tel: 6734-6228
Hours: 11.30am - 9.30pm daily

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Anonymous said...


I love spicy food, the food looks delicious and great photos!


Anonymous said...

The sambal goreng looks really good. Must go try it :-)


Camemberu said...

I also very heppy with mah iPhone! :D

But 160 apps is just not enough! lol

Unknown said...

its looks delicious and hot,, I really like that food, nice post.

Unknown said...

Yeah, spicy food always whet my appetite!

Ya, it's more spicy that usual ones though. If you can take spicy food, go for it!

I am sure you are. Addicted to it right? Maybe you should create an app for your blog too! :-)

Hanif IM,

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