Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fishermen's Wharf @ New Bridge Road

Here's photos that I took a few weeks ago. We celebrated a friend's birthday here. I thought I would not post the photos of the food because Momo and I felt it was not really up to it. We were not particularly impressed.

But I have not been feeling well this week, food poisoning since Monday night. So compared to this other place I had lunch on Monday, at least it did not make me sick. LOL. (Ya, where I ate on Monday won't appear here. )

We always wanted to try this place because it looks like a very fish n chips place to go!

fishermens wharf @ New Bridge Road

Looks like they are a Heinz fans.

Old School Sauces

We like the variety of can drinks here though. All so old school. :-)
Our liking of this place ends here. haha..

Old school drinks.

The fried mushrooms.

Fried Mushrooms

Pacific Snow Fish Fillet with the sides - coleslaw, tartar and mash.

Pacific Snow Fish Fillet

I had the fish of the day.
We had the option of fries or chips. But they don't have chips on the day we were there.

Catch of the Day

The price.

Menu n Price

Fishermen's Wharf
27/29 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059391

Tel: 6532 6468

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Camemberu said...

Oh dear, no wonder never see you online've been sick! Hope you're feeling better!

This Fish & Chips place has been on my to-eat list until so long it fell off the radar...guess I'm not missing much, eh?

Anonymous said...


Fishermen's Wharf? Thought it's San FRancisco :)

In Singapore's context, what is the difference between chip and fries?

There is really no difference here, both are fried potatos, it's called fries if it is Canada/USA and chips if it is the UK.

For example, the Cockney Fish & Chips (British owned) would called it chips while US Chain stores call it fries.


Anonymous said...

This place is gross. We had terrible meals there where the food is chao ta. I wish I took a photo of blackened french fries. If you have such photos, you should post them too. Otherwise, it really defeats the purpose of being a food blogger if you only post good stuff.

Btw, you should let us dear readers know where you fell sick at. At least we can avoid the place. After all, you took photos right?

Dutchie said...

In our one-horse-town, we hv 2 fried fish restaurants for take-aways. Hv to re-heat the food in the microwave ourselves ! Not cheap some more hor - € 8,75 for a small piece of fish n some chips n green salad on the side.

I go to open market on Thursday where the only fresh fish stall has a side section where freshly fried fish r sold (like hot cakes - long queue). € 5,00 for 3 pieces - abt 6 moderate bites but very shiok lah ! Most dutch r very fussy abt the fishy aroma in their kitchen (due to poor ventilation as it's an open ktichen next to the living room), so it's a big treat to be chomping away at this fish stall :-)

The F. Wharf in SF is over-rated, I can tell u ! The one in Sydney (forgot the name but it's a cluster of fishfood venue) is much better.

Anonymous said...

Dutchie, are you referring to Sydney Fish Market?

Dutchie said...


U got it spot on :-) Hv u been there ? Also good eats at open air asian food court in Darling Harbour.

Unknown said...

Thanks. I am much much better (hmm 2 weeks down. haha. i take so long to reply!)

Maybe they need to change their chef?


There are now Fishermen's Wharf everywhere! I like the ones in SF though. The crabs there was delicious!

Oh, in the Spore context (or maybe my friends and I context), if they are called fries, they are skinny ones. The fatter ones, we call it chips.

But it might be confused with 'junk food' potato chips.

No lah, I should not even waste my time posting the food I ate at places I don't like. Even bad publicity is some publicity for them.

Hehe.. Sydney's Fish Market you mean? Oh... that one's good! You buy fresh sashimi and eat (with the pigeons) haha...

I had my sashimi snatched by those pesky pigeons!

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