Saturday, August 01, 2009

Durian Puffs @ Goodwood Park Hotel

Goodwood Park Hotel together with the Staff Club of my workplace had this promotion for the famous Goodwood Park Hotel durian desserts on Thursday.

I went to queue up to buy some and this box of durian puff is for colleague who waited for me for lunch. We had to delay our lunch hour by 1 hour because I was queuing.

Durian Puffs from Goodwood Park Hotel

Durian when they are frozen do not really smell!
But when they get warmer, ooo... pungent smell really hits you! That's what happened when I opened the box.

Durian Puffs from Goodwood Park Hotel

They are huge too! Colleagues only took 1 and said it's enough.
Hmmm are they being shy I wonder. LOL....

Durian Puffs from Goodwood Park Hotel

We had a 20% off normal price. ;-)

But you can always go to Goodwood Park Hotel to taste it. Many people like it, that was why there was such a long queue of people buying it at our Staff Club. LOL...

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zs said...

I tried it when it was still frozen. It isn't so nice when frozen. I had one and it was enough too (hmm, but I didn't have yours!)

Unknown said...

you were not in your room! i went to your room, and see no one there. :-p

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Ah so this is the legendary durian puff you were talking about! Do they sell it all year round?

Unknown said...

I think they might! In one of the restaurants.

Anonymous said...

u mean they sell it @ NUS staff club?

Unknown said...

During certain time of the year, they get the hotel to bring it into the Staff Club. :-)

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