Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kam Boat Chinese Cuinese @ Shaw Centre

Last Thursday, Momo and I joined a few other foodie friends (Camemberu, AromaCookery, TheHungryCow) for the Makansutra monthly makan session. It's the first time for Momo and Keropokman. You wanna join in the makan? Head to www.makansutra.com forum to read more and sign up!

Like this blog, the makansutra foodies meet up is not only about food, it's about eating with friends that makes eating so enjoyable! We sure had a really good time eating and chatting!

Here's the food that we enjoyed while we were chatting and laughing the whole night away. We started with Peking Duck.

Peking Duck

A whole plate of skin and skin. Pastry skin with duck skin. What a delightful combination.

Peking Duck

The cucumber strip, spring onions and hoisin sauce on the skin + skin. Want some?

Peking Duck

The next dish served was the Deep Fried Seafood Roll in Salad.
One bite and you get nice creamy seafood in salad sauce oozing out.

Deep fried seafood roll in salad

It's like having a Chinese Wedding dinner! Courses after courses!
But that gave us time to chat with others on the table.

Deep fried seafood roll in saladDeep fried seafood roll in salad

Next, Braised Sharks Fin Sichuan Style. It's like eating Sichuan Hot and Spicy soup with some fins.

We got to know more anti shark eating people on the table. I am surround by more anti-sharks eating friends now.

Braised Sharks Fin Sichuan Style

This is deep fried soft shell crabs with Oats.
Usually you get cereal, for a change they use oats here.

Deep fried Soft Shell Crab with Oats

The crab sure was 'juicy'. LOL.... It lubricates your throat very well.
OK OK, I want to say it's oily. It's oily but it's nice.

Deep fried Soft Shell Crab with Oats

First we had skin + skin. Now this dish is asparagus + asparagus. It's Stir Fried Sea Asparagus & Asparagus in Black Pepper Sauce. First time I tried sea asparagus.

Initially I thought sea asparagus are like sea cucumbers that grow in the sea. But I just found out they are plants that grows on salt marshes or mangroves!

Stir fried Sea Asparagus & Asparagus in black pepper sauce

Deep Fried Soon Hock with Special Sauce.
Crispy fish always taste good to me. Now, what's the special sauce?

Deep Fried Soon Hock with special sauce

Hey, the next dish has Keropok!
Deep Fried Chicken with Coffee and sliced almond.
The coffee seems to be potent! Some friends told me they can't sleep that night because of the coffee!

It left some bitter aftertaste though for me though. I am not a coffee drinker.

Deep fried chicken with coffee and sliced almond

The duck meat from the first dish is transformed into this. Shredded Duck Meat with Egg Noodles.

Shredded Duck meat with Egg Noodle

The 9th and last dish was Custard Bun with Sesame Paste.
The buns came nice and warm.

Custard bun with sesame paste

Peeling it reveals sesame paste with salted egg yolks custard.
I quite like it. hehe..

Custard bun with sesame paste

Would like to thank the Makansutra monthly Makan organisers for organising this.
They don't make money out of this. It's purely for fun that they are doing this. Thanks!

Update: Camemberu has just posted her review and photo. View them here.

Kam Boat Chinese Cuisine (Shaw Centre)
1 Scotts Road
#05-13 Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208

Tel: 6732 4675

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alicesg said...

Wow this peking duck is definitely better than the one at ION Food Court ..lol.

Unknown said...

yes, this one is nice! and it's not as crowded as ION food court too! hehe...

Dutchie said...


Just happened that hubby n I were talking abt Peking Duck ! A local restaurant is offering it for 15,00 euro for half a duck but we suspect it's the same old trick of serving up a duck that is more like char siew duck. There is simply no skin-on-skin authenticity if u get my drift.

Well, this dish is definitely going into our wish-list for the next visit to SG !

This "emperor meal" as hubby likes to call it must cost a bomb ?

Unknown said...


Guess what?! All of the above, the "emperor meal" (more like a wedding dinner meal) we had it for SGD40 per pax, ie 19,00 Euro!

It was a organised makan treat by the makansutra forumers :-)

Camemberu said...

Wah so fast you post already! :D

Hahaha...it sure was a blast, we chatted til midnight!

Some dishes were oily but it was all OK with me. I have very high tolerance for greasy food! :D

The Peking duck rocks! Best I've had in a long long time.

SistaFood said...

The peking duck and black sesame bao looks good! Wonder how the bao taste like with the salted custard. haha..
sweet + salty = ??

Unknown said...

ya, just realise time passes so fast! it's one month later now!

ya, we chatted till so late without realizing it!

sweet + salty = yummy yummy!

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