Thursday, August 06, 2009

Chicken Rice Buffet @ Cafe on the Ridge, NUSS

Last week, our colleague 'pirate' spotted this advert on the NUSS website. It's a Chicken Rice buffet!

There are all kinds of buffet nowadays eh? Chicken Rice buffet is something new! This is one of the more economical buffet at only $10.90 on a weekday. So, we thought we would try it out.

If you think it's only chicken, then you are wrong. There are many other things!

Here's what on their website, their highlights includes: Hainanese Steamed Chicken, Crispy Roasted Chicken, Sliced Beef Congee, Shredded Chicken Congee, Steamed Fish Head in Homemade Special Sauce, Pan Fried Curried Prawn, Sambal Sotong, Braised Beancurd with Leek in Hot Bean Sauce, Stir Fried Hong Kong Kailan in Minced Garlic Sauce, Stewed Mui Choy Kong Bak

Wait! That's not all! It seems, they have other sides as well.

As usual, we folks are getting 'older' and know eating too much is no good. LOL! So we only ate 'some' of it, and here's what we had.

The Crispy Roasted Chicken.
Not bad not bad!

Crispy Roasted Chicken

Char Siu.
Ok lah...

Char Siu

Hainanese Steamed Chicken
This is quite nice too. You can tell them which part you want and they will chop it for you!

Hainanese Steamed Chicken

Some of the sides we took. Jiu Hu Eng Cai and some Achar.

Jiu Hu Eng Cai with Acar

They have chicken feet salad too! And tofu skin salad.

Chicken Feet Salad, Bean Curd Strips Salad

Good boys and girls eat their vegetables. :-p


Stewed Mui Choy Kong Bak.
This is a bit too salty for most of us!

Mui Cai Kong Bak Pau

Now, the porridge counter is interesting!
You pick what you want on a metal bowl, and pass it to the chef who will cook it for you immediately. I had beef slices and fish (what a weird combi!) porridge.

Other colleagues had pork liver which they adore....

Beef Porridge

Of all the desserts, we like the Konnyaku the most!
We started with 3 pieces to try it out....


We found that it's nice! We got more! (And even more after. haha)


The buffet's only in the month of August. Last month it was the Bak Kut Teh buffet. I wonder what's next month's!
Am sure our colleague 'pirate' will inform us. hehe...

If you are coming, grab someone with the NUSS Membership, or if you are an Alumnus of NUS, get yourself a NUSS subscription.

Cafe on the Ridge
NUSS- Kent Ridge Guild House
9 Kent Ridge Drive
Singapore 119241

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Unknown said...

Everything looks delicious! I would have a bit of all! :-)

Thank you for the congratulations!

The Galloping Geographer said...

Next month is Nasi Lemak Buffet! :)

Anonymous said...

is this open to people w/o NUSSS membership or non Alummus of NUS? meaning to say, outsiders (public)?


Unknown said...

They are delicious :-)

Gallopting Geographer,
Hehe.. you can predict?

Sorry, this place is for NUSS members or staff of NUS. Ask around if anyone has it, and ask them to bring you in.

Anonymous said...


Delicious looking buffet. Just looking at the photos make me hungry.

Great photography skills. The close-up and/or cropping is perfect (it makes the food more delicious :)


Linda said...

Everything looks awesome.. Looking at this post, I have really bad cravings for some hainanese chicken and chicken feet salad. Drooling. Great photos by the way.

The Galloping Geographer said...

No, I am not predicting! I know because the people there told me! :)

alicesg said...

You are right about all sort of buffets. I thought I saw an advertisement in the papers quite some time back, bak kwa

starlitey said...


Just confirming Galloping Geographer's's true, it's the Nasi Lemak Buffet...
and i know cos i'm a NUSS preview....and....this is a great blog, since i found it, i've been following your food-trails regularly, thank yous for the interesting posts and yummilicious photos! =)

Unknown said...

Thanks Pentel.

Hehe.. go satisfy your cravings quick. :-p

Bak Kwa buffet? How much bak kwa can someone eat??

The Galloping Geographer, Starliety,
Ooo... I think I will try the Nasi Lemak buffet next month. I think my colleagues will drag us there to try too :-)

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