Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vegetarian Food @ The Scholar, NUSS Guild House

Many of us at work are partially seconded to other project groups. Not sure about you all, but it seems that this is the case going forward for many projects.

It all started when recession started and funding became an issue. Well, if the project still had the original funding, consultants from outside was to have done the job. But since recession hit, top management finally opened their eyes and recognised that we are better than the consultants? LOL... Ya, we comfort ourselves this way. ;-)

The team I am attached to, the manager treated the team of 3 of us for lunch recently.We had wanted to eat the Cafe at the Ridge, but the Chicken Rice buffet there is too popular, it was impossible to get a seat.

Since we are already at the Guild House, we thought we would try The Scholar instead. One colleague is vegetarian, so we ordered from the vegetarian section of the menu. Here's what we had:

Vegetarian Fried Rice.
A tad oily, but fried rice taste rather nice without meat! It's very fragrant too.

Vegetarian Fried Rice

This stir fry vegetable dish is very good. All 3 of us loved it very much.
Lotus roots, asparagus, water chestnuts, ginko, etc makes a really good combi. Served on an edible wonton skin platter, it's pretty and taste good.

Since it was our first time having meals together, we asked our vegetarian colleague how different it is between this Chinese vegetarian dishes and Indian vegetarian that she is more used to. She said it's very tedious to cook Indian vegetarian. Even the simplest dishes require 10 or more types of spices. Now I know why I like Indian vegetables dishes. All the spices makes it so nice!

Vegetarian Stir Fry

We had Vegetarian Seaweed rolls and broccoli.
Taste rather good too, but seaweed's not to the taste of our vegetarian colleague. ;-)

Vegetarian Seaweed Rolls with Broccoli

Oh, this is Sweet and Sour Mock Chicken. Now, all 3 of us found it rather nice!
I usually do not like mock meats, but this one almost taste like the real thing.

Maybe we were too engross in our chatters. Their topic is maids and babies. I am the 'maid' at home, so I have nothing to contribute to the topic, but listening in is very interesting! But it seems, for the last 3 weeks, I have heard so many horror stories about employers and their maids.

Shall spare you all the stories. hehe... But I learned something new though. When maids betrays their employers trust or have stolen, they are treated like how banks treats their employees, immediately sacking and they are sent back to their home countries in 24 or 48 hours to prevent any nightmares, retaliation etc. wow... scary huh...

Sweet and Sour Mock Chicken

Anyway, as usual conversation at the table plus a nice meal makes the whole eating experience very satisfactory. ;-)

I never knew about their vegetarian section of the menu. Maybe it's because we usually flip past it quickly. But they do have it.

p/s You need to be a NUSS member to dine here.

The Scholar
National University of Singapore Society
Kent Ridge Guild House
9 Kent Ridge Drive
Singapore 119241

Reservations: 6586 3710

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Meg said...

What's the mock chicken made of? Soy beans?

Anonymous said...


Not a vegetarian fan but your photos are so well taken that it look delicious!


Mami said...

Your posting all look so nice,and they remind me of Singapore trip.Fantastic!!

Dutchie said...

That's alot of hard, hot wokking to get those dishes onto ur table !

True abt curry dishes - it requires a list of spices. Whenever our local guests enquire abt the recipes, they were instantly put-off by the list n the cost *sigh*

Would be interesting to read abt the experiences of the maids. My mom is now on her 7th maid. Even tho they get an allowance of S$ 10 per day to eat out (since they dont like chinese dishes), some still resort to pilfering one way or another. We did sent 2 maids midway thru their contract back bec they were giving my family grief. The agency actually suggested getting her out of bed at 5am n straight to the airport to avoid a scene or accusations (towards the male, for eg.). Yep, "horror stories" does exist.

Unknown said...

Soy bean skins. Most mock meats are different variations of tofu skins.

Once a while, eating them is quite interesting! :-)

So, coming back again? hehe..

Guess what? Another colleague had a horrible week this week! Her maid ran away from home! All the trouble she has to go thru.


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