Sunday, July 29, 2007

Food Republic @ Wisma Atria

By know you know that at time, we do crazy things, we will take a cab halfway thru the island to eat and then take cab and get back to work. Of course we don't do it daily.

This colleague of ours, had to go to a dentist, and his dentist is at Wisma Atria. So we accompanied him lah, give him comfort a bit. LOL. (aren't you afraid of the dentist??)

So we ate at Food Republic.

We ordered 'Or Chien' (Oysters Pancakes)

We also had 2 plates of the "Or peh" leaves char kuey teow.

Another colleague ordered the "oh peh" leaves hay mee.

Also the "jian ping". We all don't find this jian ping nice at all.

Don't need to name the store ya, when you are there, I am sure you can find the store.
By the way, everyone seems to say the same thing. The similar food, the prices in Wisma Atria seems to be cheaper than at the Harry Potter version of Food Republic at Suntec City.

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Momo said...

Yes it is. The Wisma Atria one is cheaper and nicer than the Harry Potter Food Republic.

tigerfish said...

Nowadays, even the food in food court tempts me so much! Sigh....need to return and eat my way again :O

Anonymous said...

This store is very popular in this food court, there are a couple of other stores which are also popular. But the one to avoid is WaanWaan Thai in the same food court.

I had Phad Thai and it tasted bad.

About WaanWaan Phad Thai
1. looks like pale version of dry meesiam.
2. taste like vinegar noodle.
3. other than sour, there is no other taste.
4. Only has 2 prawns, bunch of bean sprout and miserable eggs inside.
5. 30% of the dish consist of raw bean sprout
6. cost $5.50
7. waited 15 mins for the Phad Thai
8. served by storekeepers that doesn't communicate well in English
bad for Singapore as tourists in Orchard will have a frustrating time.

All the Phad Thai I tried before are much much better than this one.

Was it worth the $$ and time? try it and decide for yourself.

Clement said...

Alamak! The 'or peh' char kway teow is very authentic that they are served on chipped crockery also lah!
Just like the old days............

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