Thursday, July 05, 2007

Va Va Voom @ Seah St (Part 2)

The last appetiser that came was these spring rolls.

We also ordered the mains, most of us took the same thing, how creative! haha..

It was either the soupy beef set or the 2 diff rice sets.

This is the steak with rice.

This is the the grilled pork chop I think.

I ate this! Vietnamese Beef Combi set. Beef balls and sliced beef. The flavour was not what we expected. Maybe we ate too rich and variety of appetizers, but this comes out a bit bland to me.

But it is a huge bowl. Look! Compare it to be big cup beside it.

We were too full, but we still had desserts! haha...

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bsg said...

goodness ! one of the green leaves fell on my keyboard , do I eat it or ? liplicious pixs as usual hahaha !

The Cooking Ninja said...

The beef noodle looks so good. Lucky you.

Momo said...

Ya, agree with cooking ninja, beef noodles looks great! The other mains, err...looks ok only lah :P

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