Friday, July 06, 2007

Va Va Voom (Desserts)

These are some of the drinks and desserts we had, or those that I managed to take some photos.

Lemongrass & Honey drink I think...

This is Vietnamese Coffee. Have you seen it? It brews and drips while you wait.

This is what I had. Sago with Avocado sauce. The Avocado sauce is yummy.

I forgot what this is, maybe when those who ate it updates me, I will put the name here.
It's pancakes with ice cream.

This is I think their most favourite dessert. Pancakes with mango puree. Only a few person had it as they ran out of mangoes. haha..

Hope you like this series from Va Va Voom Cafe.

It's located at:
36 Seah Street,
Singapore 188392

View Location Map at: Streetdirectory or Earth@SG

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eastcoastlife said...

mmmm.... the desserts look yummy! I want to try. I love desserts.

tigerfish said...

I actually wanted to buy that Viet. drip coffeemaker over here...quite cheap ~$5. It drips into condensed milk, so almost like coffeeshop kopi!

pinkhippo said...

I am strange, I never enjoy taking lemon grass but I like tom yum soup... lol

BTW, I bought a few "coffee drip" maker during my trip to Vietnam and it cost me less than S$1.

Tigerfish mentioned S$5??? That is very expensive..

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