Saturday, July 28, 2007

Curry Puff with the Green Dot

Can you still call a curry puff a curry puff if there's no curry in it?
Colleagues bought this for a few of us last Friday.

He said he got some different ones, this is black pepper chicken ones.
Ya, the green dot ones are the black pepper ones.

Not too bad lah, very different. (some pple told me, you a bit outdated, they have it for some time already, err ok lor... haha)

By the way, if you want to know how to get them for 40% off? Those in Singapore, check out the Singpost National Day brochure package that came in your mailbox. There's an Old Chang Kee coupon in it! (The package that came with some sachet of softener if you wonder huh??? what package)

I did not know it too, until colleague pointed it out, and got us these curry puffs. :-) $2 off for $5 of products purchased. Not a bad deal eh?

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arzhou (Adrian) said...

You should try the non meat versions too, i recommend getting YAM or SweetCorn puffs

tigerfish said...

HAHAHAHHA! Follow the "pao" idea...which is a good idea, apparently :D

Beau Lotus said...

Must say I didn't know that Old Chang Kee does Black Pepper Chicken Puffs, must try when I next go home.
BTW, you can really eat, I must say.

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