Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yikowei @ The Centrepoint

Last Sunday, we decided to go to The Centrepoint at Orchard Rd because it was the last day of the sale at Robinsons.

The usual places to eat there is so predictable, so we thought we will walk down the Basement 2. We walked and thought hmmm new shop, should we give it a try? So we walked in and sat down. Looked at the menu, so boring, thought we should have gone opposite shop instead.

Anyway, we ordered 1 fried rice and 1 XO beehoon. We thought we will just make it quick and get on with shopping.

When the food came, we tried it, ey, not that bad leh. Still can pass. haha...

Fried Rice something, sis said Crystal Jade better, but ok lah, its less pricy here :-)

We also ordered XO Bee hoon. It actually taste quite ok. This picture is actually the 2nd plate we ordered. The original one came with 9-10 prawns. Uncle's coming to join us, he does not eat prawns, so they actually accommodated by changing the ingredients to have sotong and chicken meat instead. That gave us a good impression.

While we were at it, we saw the counter had Kueh Pai Tee, so we ordered. It came in a plate like this. Wah. Never seen pai tee served like this. It was not too bad too.

Good alternative to Pizza Hut, Prima Taste etc at this mall. Rice and Noodles around $9, Paitee ( 5 pieces) for around $6 I think. Place still new, so no GST yet. haha... Usual service tax still applies.

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tigerfish said...

What is on top of the pie tee? Shredded what?

team bsg said...

thought the XO beehoon shud not be ok but HIGHly KO ?

teckiee said...

..nothing related to this post.. was in sg for the weekends. went to look for the McD's fries... no more liau =(

pinkhippo said...

The XO bee hoon with sotong and Kueh Pai Tee looks very good...

Will give it a try one of these days ... :)

Su-Lin said...

Is that cheese on top of the pai tee?!

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