Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Asam Fish, Ngor Hiang @ Bukit Timah Food Centre

Sis and I we went to Bukit Timah Food Centre to have lunch few days ago, and it shows we have very different liking for food.

She likes to order Ngor Hiang when she comes here.

For me, I almost always order this, if we are not sharing food. I like Assam Fish. This fish reminds me of childhood food too. Sis wont touch this at all! haha..

I almost always certain order bitter gourd to go along too! I remember a friend who says, you are eating the same thing again!

Your siblings like the same food? I know my other siblings like different food. Do you know what your siblings like or hate?

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pinkhippo said...

haha I am like you sis. I like to order Ngor Hiang when I am there! Actually their sotong is good too ... yum yum.

I never like this type of fish, think this is selar fish, the meat is very tough.

My first younger brother likes chicken breast but both my youngest brother and myself hate

We like peking duck but this first younger brother hate it... lol

One common food we all like, my mommy's sambal prawns... yum yum :)

Momo said...

I got no siblings. But i will order both! hahahha :P Coz i am greedy

tigerfish said...

The Assam Fish quite small hor...I was expecting a big claypot for me to drink the gravy...buahahaha.
Me love bittergourd too...yum!
It's good that siblings like different food so no need to fight over any food ;p

Shilpa said...

You two very cute, hor? So often eat together! :)

There is one thing my sis and I can always agree on whenever we're in a food court - what we call GBM, for "gu bak mee", aka beef noodles, haha! :) we have lots of other abbreviations, by the way!

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