Sunday, July 08, 2007

Muffins from Bliss Haven, Toa Payoh Lorong 1

Last Friday, to satisfy one colleague's craving for 'shao la' (Roast Meat), he 'die die' want to go to Toa Payoh to eat. Those pictures later.

But another colleague who used to be Toa Payoh resident until recently, went to 'tapow' back these muffins. I would have to ask where the exact location, but it's somewhere near HDB Hub, where we ate.

They are actually quite nice.... Can you see the oreos chunks? They are big and fluffy!

Close up of the chocolate chip one that I ate.

This stall it seems have an interesting history. It's located at a Cze Char store called Bliss Heaven, but instead of having Cze Char, it is selling muffins now.

Muffins of 6 diff flavours cost $1 each.
Found this link if you want to read more about this stall.

Talk about muffins, do you have a muffin? It seems when people call you muffin, it means you have a tummy that is overflowing from your pants, just like the muffin above! hahaha....

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pinkhippo said...

I dont really like muffin, but this one looks quite good to me. Hmmm think I am changing my taste to be more "ang mo" than cze char already. lol

The Cooking Ninja said...

I love muffins and I have a little left-over muffin from my lovely daughter. ;)

tigerfish said...

Alamak, I scared I will look like a muffin in no time since I'm such a glutton :O

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have tried most nice muffins in singapore but still prefer Pateli's Crave Muffins at Blk 608 AMK Ave 5. They are fresh, less oily and alot of flavours.

Anonymous said...

i prefer BakeFresh Muffins located at Blk 320 Shunfu Road/Shunfu Market unit #02-27 there are a variety of flavours and only at $1 each

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